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Hobby + Business = Profit

By Dawn Lee
Posted Jun 3, 2012 in Business
This simple formula has long been established in the annals of entrepreneurship: a down-on-her-luck mom is desperate for some extra money after being fired and then starts her own success story by turning her hobby into a thriving business.
That is exactly what happened to Renee Williamson.
Williamson owns Monogram Mama, an online store which specializes in monogramming various items (from belt buckles to bumper stickers) and shipping them online.
Like many single mothers who cope with financial impact of raising children alone, Williamson had to find some way to bring in extra money into the household without sacrificing her ability to raise her children at the same time.
“I needed to work, but I had four daughters... I knew I was going to have to go into business for myself,” said Williamson.
And she did just that with the help of Ecommerce.
Pure-Ecommerce is an online business that specializes in helping people start their own web-based businesses. They also provide a list of vendor contacts, handle shipping, provide learning materials, help utilize social media resources and even provide consultation and training for budding entrepreneurs.
These resources helped Williamson overcome the legal, technical and logistical hurdles of establishing a business; leaving her free to focus on developing her products while connecting with her clients at the same time.
Williamson had also come into contact with other lady entrepreneurs with various backgrounds of their own. Not only does this enhance her network of business partners, but also helps provide a vantage point for her own situation as a single mother struggling with her own business.
So if you have a pretty nifty hobby that you think can turn a profit, then why not capitalize on that idea? Draw up a business plan, get in touch with an e-commerce site and get your business off the ground!