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Rand Paul endorses Romney after rumored death threats against Ron Paul

By Mindy Allan
Posted Jun 3, 2012 in Politics
Alex Jones in an interview with Jim Tucker at the Bilderberg Group meeting in Washington believes there has been a direct threat to the life of Ron Paul. Conspiracy theorists are questioning the sudden announcement of Rand Paul to endorse Romney as a shake down by opposing forces on the Paul campaign.
In Feb of 2012 it was rumored that Rand was supporting Romney, and he spoke about it then.
In March of 2012 Rand Paul spoke out again against the union of himself and Romney.
Now Rand Paul has made a statement that contradicts what he said in Feb & March. Was he threatened? The Ron Paul campaign has taken the political system and its control in to a chaotic spin, and now action needs to be taken so that it will stop!
The speech Rand Paul gave in Austin a few weeks ago does not sound like someone who is giving up. So what, or who made him change his mind.
Conspiracy theorists believe that there was a threat on the Paul family by the Federal Reserve, that made him change his mind. When it comes to family, many of us would choose family over anything. The Ron Paul campaign threatens the existence of NWO.
Was a deal made? Did Rand Paul really have any options if it was a choice to go with the flow or die? Will Rand Paul be the vice president? Are the powers that be trying to rein in the Paul family. Control is everything! The Paul's may have been swayed for some reason, will the Ron Paul campaign sway the people to follow?
If Ron Paul announces on national television that he is quitting, then most of the questions will be answered. The reason for needing Rand Paul as vice president would be to have the votes of the Ron Paul supporters. Time will tell if the conspiracy theorists are right.

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