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Federal Reserve 101: How to takeover a country and get away with it

By Mindy Allan
Posted Jun 3, 2012 in Crime
The red flags about the Federal Reserve began with President Thomas Jefferson who warned the people about how banking institutions were more dangerous than armies. A confirmation of this came from Woodrow Wilson, who was swindled into making decisions as president that he later wrote to regret.
In 1988 Ron Paul tried to educate the public about the danger of the Federal Reserve. To present day he has not wavered, nor has he been wrong in his accusations. If more people understood what the Federal Reserve was, it would not exist.
Knowledge is power, and when people truly educate themselves about the true history of the banking system, and the Federal Reserve. Most American's are ignorant to the history of the Federal Reserve, because it has been left out of the history books, so the truth would not be told for some time. Now American's are educating themselves, and learning about the conspiracy, and corruption of Federal Reserve and banking system to create a one world bank.