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Ron Paul Threat: Delegate rules that could make him the RNC winner of 2012

By Mindy Allan
Posted Jun 3, 2012 in Politics
Ron Paul lawyers have found that the delegates are not bound to any candidate until the actual Republican National Convention. (RNC) The Romney campaign is trying to get delegates to sign affidavits to commit to Romney. This breaks the rules of the RNC, and the threat of losing is causing the flip flop Romney campaign to try any tactic to obtain the vote of a delegate.
The law which exceeds the rules says delegates are not bond to any candidate and now that "Rule 38" has been exposed to the public, the whole world will be watching to make sure the rules will be followed. This new information to the public makes it harder for the Romney to claim the RNC nomination. Delegates can vote for who they choose, no matter if the the name of choice is on the ballot or not.
The Republican detailed delegate allocation - 2012, is being published so that the general public will understand how the RNC delegate nomination and vote works.
Rules of the Republican Party.(PDF)
The Ron Paul campaign is such a threat Alex Helwig, on June 2, 2012, Ron Paul rules chairman, elected legitimately by the majority delegation, is thrown out and assaulted at LA GOP Convention by Shreveport Police. This will be the only way to take down Ron Paul, by taking down his campaign people one at a time.
The whole world is watching as the fraud, deceit, and corruption continues by the elites that need puppet Romney or Obama in the White House. If Ron Paul wins, then it will be all about the people, and not corporations. This is not the plan, and Ron Paul who they don't control poses a threat to the New World Order. Ron Paul the threat to Obama, has options that the rest don't. and he continues to gain momentum every day.
Even though efforts were made to dethrone Ron Paul in Louisiana, he still won. While mainstream media continues to say Ron Paul is out, his campaign continues to win state delegates. Things have not worked out for the GOP as they had planned.