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By Omer Farooq
Posted Jun 3, 2012 in
A simple story
and I feel sorry
Time will run out
and you can have your glory
Thousand promises
and thousand lies
Cut the wings
of the bird that can fly...
Uncertain world
An uncertain life
Too much to learn
Too little time
Look above your head
Don't you dare to cry
Planet full of carnivores
Where will you hide !
Tell me what I deserve
and I will count till nine
I learned to give up,
that were never mine...!
I am not a poet
not trying to rhyme
everything's meant to happen
just like these lines..
A simple story
But I don't feel sorry
Threw every thing down
from a 100 thousand stories
A simple story
Do you feel SORRY ....
Omer Farooq
Saturday,May 26th,2012

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