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May Film Series: Perpetual love, perpetual murder

By Andrew Moran
Posted Jun 1, 2012 in
I have returned yet again with my monthly film series updates.
During the month of May, my fiancee and I enjoyed every single Saturday watching a picture. I was surprised that the most contemporary movie we enjoyed Steven Spielberg's iconic film "Jaws."
Other than that, we watched several silent films and other old classics that really do not generate much attention when it comes to greatest movies of all time. Last month, the feelings of rage and also appreciation were felt within the time span of four hours.
Here is the list of pictures we viewed over the past 31 days.
"Safety Last" - Starring Harold Lloyd. It was certainly a silent picture that was ahead of its time, especially when it came comedy. The last 10 to 15 minutes of the film will make you sit at the edge of your seat and also laugh out loud.
"Make Way for Tomorrow" - I didn't recognize any of the cast members, except for two supporting actors. This film showed that love is probably the only important thing in this world, especially when you reach your winter years. It was sweet and sad at the same time.
"Paths of Glory" - Starring: Kirk Douglas. This is now my favourite war film of all time. It brought emotions out of me that no other war film has ever done to me. This is possibly the greatest Stanley Kubrick picture.
"The Wind" - Starring Lillian Gish. I wanted to like this picture because of its unique premise but it failed on so many levels, including the score and the ending. This is one instance where I wouldn't mind a reimagining of this film.
"The Postman Always Rings Twice" - Starring John Garfield and Lana Turner. After seeing Turner's terrible film "Portrait in Black" that a similar storyline to this movie, I expected to be disappointed. But quite the opposite happened and I enjoyed it. I have not seen the remake with Jack Nicholson.
"Jaws" - Starring Roy Schneider and Richard Dreyfuss. This was an out-of-the-blue picture we both haven't seen since we were kids. Steven Spielberg's film is just another example how he is certainly one of the greatest American directors.
"The Virgin Spring" - Starring Max von Sydow. Ingmar Bergman continues to prove to me that he can be edgy as well as getting his point across. Unlike other films that have attempted to depict rape, Bergman actually used it for a purpose and didn't make it disgusting like "Irreversible" or "Straw Dogs."
We watched one other picture on the night of the Supermoon, but it escapes me.
This Saturday we will be viewing "Hour of the Wolf" and "Le Notte."

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