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2012 UFO Report

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 30, 2012 in Science
News from around the world is reporting on UFO sightings. Many believe some of these sightings are extraterrestrial life from other planets, and some of the sightings are believed to be top secret space craft being tested by government.
When hundreds of people reported a huge craft in the sky over Phoenix, the government dismissed those who saw the craft making a mockery of them. In 1952 General John Samford announced publicly that the U.S. Government had received and analyzed between 1 and 2,000 reports of UFO's.
General John Samford's statement, and other facts were aired in a History Channel documentary by James Fox who traveled around the world to gather UFO evidence. The failure of government to continue the transparency of the mysterious space craft that come and go from earth is no happening. Fox did find government officials in other countries who were willing to speak on the subject of UFO's.
We are not alone, and now space wars could be next on the agenda as governments ramp up space travel, and the quest to conquer space. Mitt Romney wants to continue the space quest for military and commercial use. Criticizing Obama for not spending more taxpayer money on NASA.
On May 22, 2012 Digital Journal reported on the launch of Space X launch. Space X became the first private company to commercialize space, with the successful mission to deliver supplies to the International Space Station.
Space the final frontier, and the uncertainty of who really is in control of planet Earth, and the Universe. Time continues to reveal secrets that were never meant to be told.

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