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Trying pizza cones for the first time

By David Silverberg
Posted May 30, 2012 in Food
Pizza in a cone? Sounds so ambitious it'd get messy and strange, but I wanted to give it a try. I went last night to The Mad Italian on College Street in Toronto, in the heart of our Little Italy district. I knew I had to have my cameraphone ready for all you foodies wondering exactly goes into the hybrid that is known as a pizza cone.
It's pretty straightforward: your ingredients fill a cone that tastes like pizza crust. It's wrapped tightly and covered with a paper sleeve. I got the one with Italian sausage, carmelized onions, green peppers, and cheese and pizza sauce. My buddy went with the prosciutto variety.
At first, I wasn't sure how to eat it. We quickly realized you have to nibble along the sides and eat with the side of your mouth, kind of. It was awkward at first but not too bad. The ingredients were hot so the most important thing was avoiding any tongue or lip burn.
What I really liked about these pizza cones were how they didn't skimp on ingredients. No short-changing customers here! Right to bottom of the cone, full of cheese and sausage, unlike calzones that have too many pockets of air.
We both agreed the pizza cone experience was tasty and worth a recommend; but... maybe not for everyone. Definitely not a date place, since you can get a little messy trying to eat an overflowing cone. It's not a knife and fork affair.
We also thought the cone somewhat resembled a pizza slice folded over, so the more experimental among you can try making your own cone at home.
Pizza cone  from Toronto s The Mad Italian
Pizza cone, from Toronto's The Mad Italian
Would you try a pizza cone?

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