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By Waheeda Kanwal
Posted May 29, 2012 in
Forgotten, Forgotten,
the way I used to write,
the way that was felt to sense before say
the way I had, to understand and explain
bizarre and ruthless, petulant and fake
drawing me farther from the destiny of tale ,
when I try to look, it’s nothing but a shadow
a shadow that used to be the soliloquy of me
now lies ahead is
the tortured body and a soul
a soul that they say is now notorious to speak,
when I try to look, it’s nothing but another creed,
as I pick up the pen and think to think
the dried ink along with the desert breeze
the torn and crumbled paper squeeze,
they laugh at me with all their heart out,
my heart slowly agrees, as I look down
forgotten the way I used to write
Forgotten, Forgotten !!