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Lock Down Canada Begins with New World Order Bill C-38

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 27, 2012 in World
Ottawa's Bill C-38 to dominate all Canada's NorthwestTerritories. Bad news gets worse as only one politician Dennis Bevington showed up from the Northwest Territories to oppose Bill C-38,
Not only does this bill pose to strip away most of the rights of the Northwest Territories to govern their land, and its people, it poses a threat to the environment. Bill C-38 is a way to introduce segregation, and loss of freedom for those in the Northwest Territories.
Canadians haven't begun protesting in the streets yet, because many are unaware of Bill C-38. National Post's Matt Gurney called the bill "sneaky" and "undemocratic."
The first mass non physical protest against Bill C-38 will be on June 4, 13,000 website owners across Canada, including the NDP, PSAC and even "Handmade Tale" Canadian author Margaret Atwood, will be darkening their websites in protest of Bill C-38 as part of the 'Black Out Speak Out' campaign.
In May of 2012,Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf Islands, lists and explains the dangerous and damaging impacts that Bill C-38, the Budget Implementation Bill, will have on Canadians' environment, health, and jobs.
Boreal forest. rugged mountains, tundra and hundreds of lakes and rivers can be found in the Northwest Territories. This rugged terrain is home to Canada's first three diamond mines. Oil and natural gas exploration development is increasing. Potential for timber and agricultural development may be the reason Bill C-38 was introduced. Halliburton along with other big corporations trying to help this bill along, so the rape and pillage of Canada can begin.
Bill-38 will have an effect on all Canadians, not just gay ones as the news seems to be leading people to believe. The loss of freedom to the people, and the greed of the Canadian government is revealed in the 425-page bill that amends 60 different acts, repeals a half dozen others and adds three more.
Canadians will be busy fighting Bills that continue to take away the rights of the people. On Friday, May 4, 2012 demonstrators were outside the Quebec Liberal Party meeting in Victoriaville against the government attack on education. The Quebec Minister being inside with other 1%'s were protected by the military who they own. The scenes of the military protecting those who have robbed, cheated, and lied to the people will become more visible as more and more people awaken.
The new Bills being introduced to the Canadian people are similar to those in America. These new laws are all in preparation for the New World Order, that is feeling the pressure to suppress people who want to stop the process.

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