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$20 Million on PR Is To Be Expected – and Thoughts from Mark Birnbaum and Elie Hirschfeld

By RonnTorossian
Posted May 26, 2012 in Business
PR Some random musings on the world of public relations:
 Uproar abounds regarding The Obama Administration signing a $20 million contract with top public relations firm Porter Novelli to sell citizens on the "benefits" of the Obamacare law. There is nothing at all surprising or even wrong about it – big laws require big spending on public relations and it makes sense. Government and all else need to spend to educate and spin people.
 There are many different types of lawyers – and my firm has represented many of them. There are some who run for the cameras whenever they can and clearly Gloria Allred mugs for the cameras constantly. Interestingly this week she is being attacked by more than 1 person for being a camera chaser – good in front of the cameras but not good in court. We have never dealt with her professionally so can’t comment other than what we read – but all press most certainly isn’t good press.
 Why do we read so often about do it yourself public relations as in a recent Inc column - but we never read about do it yourself law or accounting? PR is a skill which requires tremendous effort to succeed at.
 Other random thoughts:
o Elie Hirschfeld, NY real estate mogul is telling anyone who will listen that the economy is on its way to recovery. Hope he’s right.
o Fitness is so important to success – as NY Nightclub impresario Mark Birnbaum of EMM Group says focusing on fitness and feeling good can make you more money as you are more focused at work.
I listen when Mark Birnbaum and Elie Hirschfeld talk – and so do many others.
Ronn Torossian is an author and CEO of a leading PR firm.

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