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Floyed Mayweather: A Boxing Genius, but a Dummy Talker

By Leslie Noay
Posted May 26, 2012 in Sports
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is no doubt a highly gifted boxer. So great that he has to once & for all establish his legacy by fighting Manny Pacquiao, his pound for pound top spot rival. This column is my expressed views based on the video by Josh Slagter on Youtube (entitled Floyd Mayweather: 'Common sense' Manny Pacquiao has used PEDs).
It certainly speaks for itself; everyone who watched this video may somehow have their thoughts & observations, and let me share my simple breakdown on what I think about Floyd.
That the boxing match between Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs Floyd "Money" Mayweather I've been craving for won't happen
Floyd's former excuses seems fare enough, and some Floyd-fans find it reasonable that Pacquiao takes the test(Olympic style whatever that is). Okay fine by me, because all they want was the mega-fight to happen. But when Manny Pacquiao finally agreed to a take the test, Money Mayweather comes up with dumb talk demands coming from different angle outside boxing ring that we're not accustumed to. Seeing this video, I still don't know if Floyd-fanatics would still buy these lame reasons. We would even want to fight the biggest & the best out there, and yes Manny your next-(Floyed Mayweather: yes manny you're next, YouTube, 1:01 talk time)
this could be it! Later on he denied this statement saying he never said anything about it.
Manny agrees with a lower guaranteed purse, then Mayweather comes up with an offer of zero pay per view share of Manny! I'm wondering what would be his excuse this time; maybe he might come up with valid excuse knowing that he has 90 days time period in jail to come up with unique ideas.
An evident Lame Reasons out of Nowhere
*That Pacquiao's head was small then suddenly becomes bigger, and gave further statement that is basic common sense. Common sense for what exactly? Maybe I'm dumb that I don't even see how to absorb how reasonable his idea works in the first place.
Floyd executes his punches carefully; he conserves his energy, and makes sure as his punches would sure hit its target. An intellectually gifted fighter who picks his spot at the right moment. But when asked on the subject on fighting Pacquiao, he sure talks dumb & his reasoning is so lame that he's in terrible need of crutches.

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