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Fracking War in U.S: Man Arrested for Trying to Report the Truth

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 26, 2012 in Environment
"Mother Earth" is dying and without your help things cannot change!
Independent journalist are trying to warn the world of the dangers of big corporations that are putting the environment, and the lives of people in direct danger all in the name of greed.
Oil one of biggest pollutants introduced to the world, along with some of the biggest corporations in the world.
Fracking, which has become the latest Halliburton pollutant of the world is now being exposed, along with the dangers to the environment, and on people. Josh Fox, independent journalist testified at a public hearing and presented evidence obtained from around the world, of the destructive results of fracking.
Josh Fox decided to investigate the effects of fracking on the environment and the people living around the drilling sites after his family was offered a large sum of money to lease some of their property for fracking. His documentary "Gasland" which tells the truth has not been received well by the oil and gas industry, but has been a benefit to people who were not aware of the dangers of fracking.
In Feb. of 2012 Josh Fox was handcuffed and arrested as he attempted to film a Congressional hearing on the controversial natural gas drilling technique, known as fracking, which the Environmental Protection Agency recently reported caused water contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming. It is common in the U.S. to target people who want corruption, but when the corruption is connected to government the whistleblower ends up dead, imprisoned, or arrested without cause.
A community in Herculaneum, Missouri, was evacuated due to the toxic contamination dispersed in the atmosphere by the Doe Run Smelter. The company is owned by billionaire Ira Rennert, dubbed "America's worst private pollutant" assured the people of Herculaneum the plant was safe. Lies always find a way of to the surface, and the plant contaminated the ground outside its boundaries so bad, Doe Run Smelter was forced to buy blocks of neighborhoods, and relocate people.
The people of Herculaneum represented by Mark Bronson, Steven Bronson, James R. Dowd and Joseph Yeckel won $358.5 million verdict for their clients who suffered from exposure to high levels of lead. The people in Peru, aren't as fortunate.
Now that the fine has been paid Doe Run Co. has begun the process of restarting its primary lead smelter at Herculaneum, Mo., and the company expects to meet its production targets for May. When money is no object fines are easily paid and business carries on without any real change.'
Lonnie Johnson, a former NASA nuclear engineer
who holds more than 100 patents has made it his mission of finding the ways to power the world without pollution. Johnson has spent 7 years on a battery that could threaten the oil industry. Unlike big companies that are funded by government Johnson has a product that isn't wanted, because it is an invention that would be helpful to the environment, and people.
Why doesn't the government fund Johnson like Solar Trust for America who just received a conditional commitment for $2.1 billion in loan guaranteed from the Department of Energy -- "the largest amount ever offered to a solar project," Money poured into another solar project, and paying wind farms not to run. But no money for Johnson? There seems to be something wrong with this picture.
Johnson and Fox are just a few of many compelled by the words of a very wise man, who lost his life trying to make a difference for every man, woman, and child on planet earth. Many have not heard the words that inspire people to seek truth, to care, and have compassion for thy fellow man, and mother earth.
This wise man once said; "An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."
Make change for the better in the world around you.......

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