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Is pig castration another reason to become a vegetarian?

By Andrew Moran
Posted May 25, 2012 in Food
On the front page of my YouTube channel, there was a clip of Gordon Ramsay first viewing a Dutch technique of castrating a pig - but my research shows that this is a global practice, which is extremely painful to the pig.
Not only do pigs suffer in small, cramped spaces and can hardly lie down, they have to do endure this unbearable act.
As some people know on here, my fiancee and I are attempting to convert into vegetarians. We are waning down our meat intake and now just eat chicken (very, very small portions) and hopefully we will stop eating meat altogether. I do miss the fantastic flavors of meat but, to me anyway, I do not want to see animals being tortured or killed for my indulgence.
I find that a lot of vegetarians, vegans of fruitarians have a holier than thou attitude. I assure you, you can do whatever you like and I will not cast judgment on any lifestyle.
Here are the videos that's just another confirmation of transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle.