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Ummeed waali dhoop, Sunshine waali aasha... Why fight on Petty Issues?

By Devi Freakz
Posted May 24, 2012 in Odd News
A mere accident that took place here at Master Canteen Square  Bhubaneswar.
A mere accident that took place here at Master Canteen Square, Bhubaneswar.
A mere accident that took place here at Master Canteen Square, Bhubaneswar.
Those days of saying Sorry are gone. "This is 2012. You should be careful", says the Policeman. Actually some Bhais gathered their to exercise the powers of Police. No no no, I'm serious. Actually, when the Govt. made Dream Team Sahara (DTS) bus was traveling towards the Raj Mahal Square, a private owned Town bus hurried past the DTS to catch passengers. When all these mature movements were taking place a "Pulsar-Rider" took its chance from just behind the DTS. Out of mind, the Private Bus crashed very slightly into the backside of the DTS! I was amazed to know even the Passengers of the DTS didn't feel this stuff. God knows how the DTS driver knew such thing happened, got the brakes done right on the middle of the road, climbed down his bus and straight away got into a minute rampage with the ice-like-silent Private bus driver. I was their at the spot. It was really shameful to know that the issue was so petty. I hardly saw a scratch in the backside of the DTS bus, whose driver was demanding Rs. 5,000 for what reason I know not.
Scenario - HOT
HERE COMES THE DASHING GAME... 10 minutes past... The Private Bus Driver stood calm... The DTS Bus driver left the bus and took away the fate of those who were waiting behind his bus for the road to be cleared in his own hands. Demand was Rs. 5,000. That's all!
20 mins of wastage has already taken place. FINALLY..... Ohh... A breathe of jolly. The Policeman arrived.
"What's happening you idiots?" asked the policeman to the Private bus driver and the Conductor. "Well, what have I done", the driver wondered! Out of Surprise, the policeman rushed into the Privately owned bus's driver's Documents. It was all okay. Then was the DTS bus driver searched, who was found smoking a Cigarette around some 10 metres away from his bus.
The Policeman already knew this Person... DAMN IT! Actually that DTS bus driver was the ex-don of the native of the Police-hero. Without taking note of anything of the matter, again the Policeman targeted the Private driver. Never saw such a low standard personality! These are the ones who are a part of our governance! These are the ones who bring about good society and restrict evil happenings! Well, whatever the things may be, it all settled when the DTS bus driver got a payment of Rs. 2,000 from the Private bus driver. Maybe it was a month's salary for that poor driver. I really felt the sadness from his frowning face! What could have I done? I'm not the System changer damn. The system-changers do know the meaning of MONEY and HONEY, not TRUTH! Do hell with such people.
Acknowledged that the sufferers were some of the unfortunate drivers who were in a hurry back to their homes and had to see the unpleasant movie belonging me forcibly, only because that the DTS bus driver was a GALLI-BHAI!!!
So, take mine. Here you GO!
"Umeed wali dhoop, Sunshine waali asha
Tum dil se agar puchhoge
Woh khush rehna hi chahe
Jab sache mann se maango
Toh khul jaati hai raahein
Toh khul ke khusi lutaao, Ye kya aadha-aadha
Umeedon wali dhoop, Sunshine Wali asha
Umeedon wali dhoop, Sunshine Wali asha
COURTESY :- Coca-Cola®, "Open Happiness"

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