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Mass death of honeybees causing alarm & protests around the world

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 23, 2012 in Environment
NBC investigates the collapse of honeybee colonies and how the declining numbers threaten a majority of plants that need bees to survive.
In April of 2012,hundreds of thousands of honeybees were found dead in Delaware, Fairfield, Hardin, Miami, Pickaway and Ross counties in Ohio. Jim North believes an insecticide called neonicotinoids is responsible for the huge amount of dead bees.
Founder and Chief Scientific officer of Best Bees Company Noah Wilson-Rich discusses the vital importance of honeybees, to man, plants, and are a major part in the balance of nature.
Genetically Modified Foods have farmers worried about the their crops and the Monsanto pesticides they are spraying on them may be the reason for the rapid decline of the honeybee.
The West family of Nashville, Tennessee thought they had a small honeybee problem, that turned out to be 50,000 honey bees, and more than $4,000 to remove the bees and repair the walls. On May 22, 2012, WSMV-tv in Nashville visited the West home to see how things were going since the eviction of the unwanted guest.
Roughly 5,000 honeybees descended on the seats at Boston University's 139th Commencement exercises. Good thing they were forty-five minutes early, they didn't have tickets, and escorted out by the BU Beekeepers Club.
In the March 21, 2012 issue, The Prairie Advocate published a news release from Terry Ingram a beekeeper for 35 years. Ingram reported the theft of $5000 of his bees and bee hives on March 14. The State Department of Agriculture came in and inspected our hives 4 times, 3 times when we were not home, and without due process.
For the past 15 years, Ingram said he has been conducting research on the effects of Monsanto Round-Up on honeybees. He feels he had accumulated the necessary data to document the fact that Round-Up was not only the cause of his bees dying, but also possibly the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder. (CCD) Ingram's hives and 15 years of research have been confiscated to keep the truth from being told about the most destructive pesticide the world has ever seen "Roundup."
Around the world people continue to spread the message to wake up! What is killing the honeybees may soon be killing you.
The whole world needs to be watching this one, because without bees life does not exist!