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Mitt Romney Quitting the Campaign for Ron Paul?

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 21, 2012 in Politics
Is Mitt Romney stepping aside to allow Ron Paul a clear victory in the G.O.P.?
News of Ron Paul's victories throughout the United States is spreading past mainstream news that has been set up like the "Berlin Wall" to prevent the truth from being told.
Romney's past, and present actions continue to be set backs even while mainstream news. such as the "Huffington Post" has done its best to put a halo over his head.
In the category of "Politics" Huffington Post offers you many choices Politics - Pollster Election Dashboard - Election 2012 - BLOG 2012 ELECTIONS the only problem is, there aren't any stories about Ron Paul, or his thousands of followers.
When you go to the "Election Dashboard" it is Romney against Obama. What happened to Ron Paul? Like the previous presidential elections Ron Paul has run in, mainstream news didn't even include him, as they are doing now. Difference this time from his past two election bids for president? The people, who still believe in the "Constitution of the United States of America!"
The people are carrying Ron Paul, financially, politically, in media news, and their genuine support for a candidate that they feel really cares about them, their freedom, rights, and the place they call home.
Mitt Romney's wife seems to sum it all up in a 2012 commercial for Mitt.
If you really want to know how a person will operate, look at how they've lived their life, to understand the character of the person
The day Mitt Romney came to town many people lost their jobs. What will the American people get if Mitt Romney moves into the White House?
Mitt Romney was former CEO Bain Capital, and the one who bought, closed, and laid off people from the companies,in order to close doors around the world. This was not mainstream news, but the voices criticism from those who lost jobs in Puerto Rico thanks to Mitt Romney, are being heard as the bid for the next Commander and Chief of the United States continues.
Even the steel workers of America can't support Romney, as they cry foul after co-founder and CEO of Bain Capital Mitt Romney, that closed the factory they had worked in for years, put them out of a job.
Alternative news threatens the world of secrecy according to RT News in and interview with Alex Jones on revealing news that that doesn't make the news.
Shutting down Internet could happen under "CISPA" and would have to be an order from the White House, currently Obama threatens to kill the bill. CISPA moves on for a vote in the Senate on the way to being a national law.
The times, they are a changing...