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Votes, voting machines fraud have shocked American's calling for Justice!

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 21, 2012 in Politics
Electronic machines are democracy's worst enemy, leaving Americans believing their vote counts in the chosen leader of the U.S.. The only vote that counts in the U.S., is the one that has been selected by an elite group of individuals who know for sure that the chosen one shall do as he is told.
Since 1975, Jim Condit Jr. has been fighting for American citizens to make sure their votes count, and that the corruption in voting is brought to the attention of the people.
Condit Jr., predictions for the 2012 election fraud have been spot on. His website " has been dedicated to not allowing what has happened in past elections to happen again. This campaign is in full force and the fraud in voting is more transparent today, than it ever was.
What Condit Jr. predicted, and the suggestions of bring truth of fraud in elections has gotten so big, that even mainstream news is reporting it. In each state where elections have taken place, voter fraud was exposed behind it.
Iowa - - Maine, - South Carolina - Washington D.C. - Alaska - Missouri - Minnesota - Nevada - Georgia - Ohio - Washington, the list goes on....
Every state with its own story of election fraud, failure of news reporting the truth by mainstream media, and blacking out any news on Ron Paul. This isn't anything new, but is finally coming to the surface to show voters the system has been rigged for some time.
Clint Curtis, commuter programmer, and whistleblower, explains how he entered a contest put on by "Justice through Music" that offered a $200,000 reward for anyone who could prove evidence of fraud in the 2004 elections. Curtis proved how voter machine fraud worked, but didn't want the money only the truth to be told. Did you see the story?
John F. Kennedy was chosen, but opening his eyes to the corruption choose the side of the people which cost him his life. Wanting to expose secret societies Kennedy's addresses the media about exposing the truth, and without it what will happen. No one listened to the speech that now is ringing in the ears of many American's, who have not been informed.
Predictions of "one man" who wants to be Commander and Chief, who can stand equally alongside J.F. K, with words that reflect the same message, seeking truth and justice for all people, wanting to put an end to meaningless wars, and like J.F.K. wants to expose secret societies like the Federal Reserve.
The 2012 Elections have resurrected the warnings of J.F.K. once again to the people, and the the past warnings of Texas Congressman Ron Paul. While Ron Paul's "Power of an Idea" spreads across the United States speaking to thousands is not being aired on mainstream news, people are wondering why? Could it be that mainstream media doesn't want people to see that Romney in comparison has only a few hundred, and clearly not the favorite?
RT reporting on a plague that continues to hamper elections
in the U.S. and found millions of votes being cast aside in previous elections, believes the same will happen in 2012.
The 2012 election is about "real" change, truth, and justice, and making a safer place for the people all over the world to live in. Which candidate running for the Presidency in 2012, has a history of speeches, and actions that have shown they have made their decisions based on what is in the best interest for your family and the the people of the United States? The truth is just a click away, educate yourself!
When you make a mistake once, it is supposed to be a lesson learned. When you make the same mistake twice, then your intelligence is questioned. If you make the same mistake a third time, like in baseball, it is a strike out and when you do it in politics you get labeled a fool.
Don't get struck out in '2012" be the hitter with a home run!

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