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Ron Paul sweeps Minnesota GOP state convention

By Paul Bisnar
Posted May 20, 2012 in Politics
Several days ago, mainstream media bombarded the airwaves, television, internet, and newspapers with disinformation, announcing Ron Paul ended his GOP presidential campaign.
But look again Ron Paul never ended his campaign. This Friday, Ron Paul gave a rousing 15 minutes standing ovation speech at Minnesota GOP state convention in St. Cloud, promoting the cause of individual liberty, non-interventionist foreign policy and sound money.
“Lot of friends of liberty in this town!...Congratulation for joining the revolution!” he addressed the delegates, drawing loud cheers.
He also congratulated State Rep. Kurt Bills, a Ron Paul supporter, for winning the GOP US senate endorsement last Friday.
Minnesota has a total of 40 delegates. Previously, Ron Paul won 20 of 24 congressional district delegates. During the convention this Saturday, he sweeps 12 of 13 at-large delegates giving him a total of 32 of 37 delegates who will represent him on the upcoming August GOP national convention at Tampa. The 3 remaining automatic delegates are unpledged delegates. Also, Ron Paul won all the 13 alternate delegates.
Interestingly, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, whose name included on Mitt Romney’s at-large delegate slate, did not initially get enough votes to join the Minnesota delegation going to Tampa. She only avoided a run-off election when Don Huizenga, a Ron Paul supporter, dropped his bid as a sign of respect for Rep. Bachmann.
Ron Paul speaking to one of his supporter during a fund-raising event at Saint Paul this Saturday said “We’re been very encouraged and this whole idea of accumulating delegates at this caucus states, I really believe its working. So everybody stay in there and work hard, and have a good time, and accomplish all lot.”
Ron Paul fighting spirit negates MSM disinformation. He stays to win the GOP presidential nomination.