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Self-Hatred or Liberalism: The Only Way Jews Can Vote For Obama

By RonnTorossian
Posted May 19, 2012 in Politics
Maybe it’s time for the mere twenty-two percent of us in the American Jewish community who didn’t vote for President Obama to wake up and support him this time around, as he’s likely to win the vast majority of the Jewish vote. It’s the facts, folks – despite what many of us hear in Orthodox synagogues or read amongst conservative media.
Defying reality, as the Israeli newspaper Yediot Achronot reported Obama’s re-election campaign team released a video where a slew of Israeli senior officials praise Obama – From Prime Minister Netanyahu to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, President Shimon Peres and Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon – all speak glowingly of Obama (All of the video was taken from public news clips, and Obama’s consistently dismal popularity in Israel isn’t mentioned).
Naturally, Israeli officials cant criticize Obama publicly and this video, titled "America and Israel – an Unbreakable Bond" will score points with the Jews, and attract contributions from Jewish donors. As a previous election was won in part because of a “chad”, surely this video will delude many people into thinking that Obama supports Israel – including amongst the elderly Jews in the vital state of Florida. We won’t hear of the consistently bad personal relations between Obama and Netanyahu (Obama’s response to Sarkozy saying: “I can't stand him. He's a liar," was "You're tired of him -- what about me? I have to deal with him every day").
This Administration which called for a return to very dangerous borders – and nearly daily countless un-named Israeli government officials criticized the Obama administration is the worst Israel has ever faced. This video is effective and will fool many Jews who may not recognize that this President has consistently been more concerned with Jews who build homes in the ancient Jewish homeland, like Irving Moskowitz, than Muslims building bombs in Iran.
Ze'ev Jabotinsky said: "There are no superior nor inferior ones, for every race has its own qualities, features and its own combination of characteristics .. In my eyes, all people are equal. Of course, I love my people above all but it isn't 'superior' to my mind.”
Its only extreme self-hatred or praying at the altar of Liberalism which could make any sane Jew vote for Obama – despite his slick campaign ads. Norman Podhoretz, author of Why Jews are Liberals said it best: 'The upshot is that in virtually every instance of a clash between Jewish law and contemporary liberalism, it is the liberal creed that prevails for most American Jews. Which is to say that for them, liberalism has become more than a political outlook. It has for all practical purposes superseded Judaism and become a religion in its own right.'
What else will Obama have to say to get Jews to open their eyes ? Tough Jews will hopefully see the truth.