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Adam Vaughan, My Toronto G20 Summit Scandal Hero

By Rob Campbell
Posted May 18, 2012 in Politics
Adam Vaughan discusses police arrests in wake of scathing G20 report. Chief Bill Blair denies wrongd...
Adam Vaughan discusses police arrests in wake of scathing G20 report. Chief Bill Blair denies wrongdoing and refuses to resign.
CTV News
Toronto City Counselor Adam Vaughan is my hero. He talks straight and tells it like it is. Adam Vaughan is critical of the way Stephen Harper Government handled G20 Security Preparations in Toronto
No clean link to Adam Vaughan Interview on CTV news, May 17th 2012 , exists and this i all wrapped up in two other G20 related stories of the day
After hearing Counselor Adam Vaughan speak on CTV news Thursday May 17 about the looming arrests, and hearing his criticisms for Police Chief Bill Blair, I'm more hopeful than ever before that justice will be served in this file. I pray there will be top level dismissals, and maybe more pressure applied to chief Bill Blair.
The overall costs of the 2010 Toronto G20 Summit exceeded one billion dollars. The government had money to burn and yet put Toronto Police Services in charge without much civilian oversight. The cops arrested people first and asked questions later right from Day One. In a widespread violation of civil liberties, countless thousands of civilians were stopped and illegally searched on city sidewalks and hundreds of miles away, while crossing the border in Niagara Falls and in Windsor and Ottawa. People were illegally searched on VIA Rail trains at Union Station. Sleeping university students were arrested at gunpoint while peaceful protesters at Queen's Parks were trampled and beaten in broad daylight. On that fateful weekend there did happen the largest mass arrest in the history of Canada, and yet there will never be a full public inquiry into the ordeal. because the Harper Government cares more about protecting their secrets and hiding their mistakes, than they do about protecting Canadians' civil liberties and basic human rights.
Adam Vaughan's Downtown Ward Was Ground Zero for G20 Summit Protesters Scuffles With Police
It's significant that Adam Vaughan himself is a past member of the Toronto Police Services Board. It was his downtown riding that was the site of many of the protests. The luxury good stores, banks, furriers, gold jewelry buying stores, cheque cashing, electronics and perfume retailers were the first windows broken by the mob. As yet, no compensation has ever been paid to these businesses for the property damage they received on that weekend despite many pleas for recompense. The government had months to plan for the Toronto G20 Summit, but instead they spent a billion and wasted time and energy building gazebos in Conservative Cabinet Minister Tony Clement's Muskoka Lakes political riding.
Fear not Ottawa politicians,nobody is going to lose their jobs over this, and it sure doesn't seem likely that Chief Bill Blair will voluntarily resign anytime soon.

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