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UFO's over Denver day before unknown object has near miss with private jet

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 18, 2012 in Crime
The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a mysterious object flying over Denver that nearly caused a mid-air collision on Monday evening May 14, 2012.
News 9 in Denver covered the story about what they thought could have been a drone, model plane, or a bird - or UFO? They were not able to deny or confirm what the object actually was.
On May 13, 2012 the day before a photographer out filming believes he captured the images of UFO's over Denver. Was it a UFO that passed the jet? Viewing the film, it looks as if things are shooting down toward the surface. Could one of these objects have been what the pilot saw?
So many things seem to be happening in Denver, the future capital of the U.S. Does the UFO sightings have anything to do with the upcoming U.S./Russian military drill taking place in Colorado?
Does the UFO sighting have to do with the secret military base under Denver International Airport? Denver airport was built in 1995, the airport with less runways than the old one. Denver airport built on sacred Indian grounds has been a mystery since it was built. Many people questioned the whole project from start to finish, and the art that was chosen to adorn the walls.
One of the first, and never answered questions was when five buildings were constructed, and it was said they were located in the wrong place, but instead of demolishing, or recycling the buildings, they were completely buried. Why?
There seems to be something happening around the world they may be the cause of UFO intelligence feeling a need to be present. Earthquakes, floods, violent weather, strange noises, dead animals falling from the sky, and washing up on beaches should be a concern to all human life.
The strange sightings in Denver come close to the time that the Russian troops will hold anti-terrorist drills in Colorado. Is this really a drill, or is something about to happen that the public has been kept completely in the dark?
Are the coming events the reason the "National Defense Authorization Act," signed by Obama in December to take away the rights of every American in the world? If something were to happen, the NDAA gives the military the right to kill, jail, or take whatever means necessary to continue their mission in which they have been assigned. Ron Paul is the only politician who continues to fight for the freedom of the people against the NDAA, that most don't even know about.
If you didn't get any of this news on your local station, it is because this is information that your really not supposed to know, or think about. Mainstream news does not report for the people, but reports what your leader wants you to know. This is what President Obama had to say three years ago, but those words today are now forgotten words of the past.
Evidence since 1967 proves to the world that there other life forms in the universe, that are having a direct effect on human beings on this planet. Demands for the U.S. government to disclose information on the UFO's, and their occupants are getting louder, as the truth, and evidence that we are not alone continues to surface.
“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.
― Friedrich Nietzsche

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