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If you ever wanted to tattoo a banana...

By David Silverberg
Posted May 18, 2012 in Food
Sometimes, you just want to ink up your favourite fruit. Well, not really, but this video of a guy tattoing a banana got me thinking. Why not tat up a plum too? Or mini-tattoos all over grapes, each one different?
I know, that's going too far. After all, we just heard about tattooing a banana mere seconds ago. Step by step. So far, we can just enjoy a cool video (below) showing the creativity of one tat artist with a penchant for potassium.
Really interesting how the clip shows the banana rotting, which makes the static drawing almost come alive in a strange way. Or it feels like the rapid passing of time, disintegrating the characters on the peel.
The first half shows the art in action, and then the second half explains the project, Tattoo A Banana! "It's filled with fun, inventive projects from stuff around your home!" claims the video description.
What do you think, would you want to art up some of your fruits n' veggies?

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