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OJEE 2012 - Critics

By Devi Freakz
Posted May 17, 2012 in Lifestyle
Fast and slow, both bring up brains!
The Hustle is still alive. The Run for Degree Courses like Engg, Medical, Business and Computer Applications continues a heart throb in each and every student's feared brain. "Why you so worried???", asks a father. Well there are huge number of colleges awaiting students my dear. Not a big deal. Just need a Certification? Come up. We have 100+ colleges here at Odisha, of which we merely get Housefull. Not a joke. Eradicating shit out of it, you are the one who is gonna make the future. Why not be a Dictator at times of need? BIJU PATTNAIK UNIVERSITY OF TECH offers long lasting terminal courses, defining the terms of study, the do define the range of scope as well. The Entrance you appearing to get a Merit is merely divine my dear. De-vicing the truth, what will you do after studying B-Tech? Answers are unimaginable stupendous like, "I'll be studying MBA next". OMG Fact it is, Technical, then Business. Will you be the Employer-cum-Serviceman-cum-Engineer-cum-Peon?
What are you upto? Why are you opting a Master's degree in Business after having a Technical Bachelor's degree? Fix your mark first. Just getting into a college is very easy in the 21st century. Overwhelming colleges are the option of students now. Good times were then, when students used to be the options of an Institute. Don't mind... but 50,000 bucks with a building is = to a certified college under BPUT now, the reason behind 100s of colleges open now. Worthwhile, featuring many advancements on the path, some of them promise you glorious Future like Honeywell, Volkswagen, Nokia and even sometimes Microsoft, those of them don't have a Basic Electronics or Machines laboratory for students. Betterment watches Knowledge. Knowledge meets you at misery. Misery foresees you, so, bring out the best you can. Ohh! Now don't say this guy is forcing me to travel abroad! Your choice is your life at every step. No need to travel millions of Kilometres when you have your choice at your doorstep. First choose for your passion, then for your field of studies!
Else the condition of your parents would be hectic after having completed 4 of the brilliant years of your life in the Untold story of Darkness - OJEE/BPUT.
Somehow, for the sake of the institute I'm studying in, I signify the best part is go for the best "DOESN'T JUST MEAN IITs"... As I said, why do you just need to be an Engineer or a Doctor?
A child says, "I want to be an Apologist", and I I asked him, what does this mean? He replied, "A RESEARCHER ON YOU". I got my answer from Google, who defines Apologist as a Researcher on Snakes! Yes, we are of those Venomous snakes, who keep on spreading the Venom of either an Engineer or Doctor for which BPUT like Universities and 120 colleges got affiliated the year back!
Watch your step buddy! It's you who will be the Father of Snakes may be. There are many such Father ofs.......... left yet. Go, take them away! I am a Blogger. May be I won't be able to earn huge bucks, at least nobody will ever be given a chance to say me "YOU ARE FIRED"!!!

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