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Feng Shui of your Meditation Room

By Anna Sidorova
Posted May 17, 2012 in Lifestyle
In India, in every house there is a room that is used only for meditation and prayer.
Dedicate one of your rooms to meditation. This room must be locked on a key. Don’t let anyone enter it. This meditation room is a sacred place. If you don’t have the possibility to have a separate room, find a quiet corner in a quiet room and screen it off. Put the image of your guru or a saint there in such a way that you could face it. Every day, before meditation, make a ritual of worship. Burn incense in the room. Lavender and sandalwood are the best. You should also place sacred texts like the Bible, Gitas and other books in that room. You should study these books carefully. On the floor, spread a blanket folded twice. Cover it with a piece of white cloth. This will be your seat. Sit on it during your meditation. While sitting, hold your head, spine and neck straight. This allows prana - universal energy - flow freely along your body and it will regenerate you better.
It does not matter where this room is situated. The only condition is: it should not be over or under the kitchen, WC or where the big furniture is. It is good to have this room inside your home, a little further than your entrance door. It is good to meditate near an altar. Whatever your religion is, meditation in front of a sacred object, be it a statue of Christ or Buddha, will bring peace to your mind. Do not meditate with your back to the door. From the point of view of Feng Shui, it is a very uncomfortable position.
Temperature must be agreeable in the meditation room. I would recommend you to sit on a special pillow during meditation, alternatively to the folded blanket. This will give stability to your pose. The ambiance in the room must be calm. There shouldn’t be bright spots that would distract you. During meditation, it is better to face one of your favorable directions. Thanks to this, the flow of the positive chi energy will move towards you and your meditation will be successful. Do not sit facing any of your bad directions. To learn about your lucky directions use Feng Shui Gua formula.
There must be few things in the meditation room. It is even perfect if the meditation room is completely empty. External emptiness attracts inner emptiness which is the purpose of meditation: emptying of thoughts, emptying of mind, inner peace. On a deeper level, if your room is not organized, all the energy inside it changes. When there is mess in the room, this means that something is wrong in your life. You can completely change the energy of the room by placing objects in a certain way.
Do not use your meditation room for other purposes than meditation. Otherwise, the energy will get confused.
Meditate in the morning and in the evening, twice a day. Start from 15 minutes per meditation session. Try to meditate at the same time and wear the same clothes.