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EXPOSED! TSA Henry Kissinger Grope Hoax

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 17, 2012 in World
The world has to call out all the journalists who fell for the Washington Post "TSA Henry Kissinger Pat-Down" story. Author Emily Heil claims that "freelance reporter Matthew Cole" recognized Kissinger at LaGuardia airport
Allegedly "independent journalist" Matthew Cole, evidently did not even have an iPhone to take Henry the K's picture. Who is the mysterious Matthew Cole? The link takes you nowhere. Is Emily referring to the Matt Cole who is an investigative journalist for ABC?
You can search the Internet, Youtube, and every major and alternative news sites, and not be able to locate one photo or video on this story.
If Matthew Cole is really an independent journalist then why didn't he take the picture that would have been worth a million dollars?
And why wasn't there an interview with Matthew to give the story ANY credibility?
Red Flag number three comes from the lack of evidence that Henry Kissinger was even at the airport. A man that travels with bodyguards in a wheelchair had to have been noticed by someone else besides the mysterious Matthew Cole. Don't you think Kissinger would have been on an electric cart, that are seen throughout the world carrying people with disabilities?
The fourth Red Flag was that this also occurred to Rand Paul, son of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul. In January of 2012 Rand Paul was detained at the Tennessee Airport, for over an hour. Arriving in Arlington, Virgina, the press was there after getting wind of the story. So if Henry Kissinger got on a plane, where did he go, and why wasn't the press there like they were when Senator Paul stepped off the plane?
Wall Street Journal reported that in an interview with Kissinger quoted him as saying:
"Nothing untoward" happened at the checkpoint, he told us. It was a routine pat-down, necessary because Kissinger wears a leg brace, which precludes the use of either metal detectors or full-body scanners. He also rebutted the claim that the agents didn't recognize him: "Of course" they knew who he was, he said.
Fifth Red Flag, no photos of the interview, no video that Henry Kissinger actually made this statement, only quoting what the Wall Street Journal reported. All I can say is Pinocchio's nose hasn't stop growing.
If anyone had bothered to do any research on Mr. Kissinger, they would know that he probably hasn't flown "commercial" (non-private airplane) since his wedding in 1974 to Nancy Maginnes. Henry Kissinger and Nancy have always had the luxury of private jets.
The Kissingers enjoyed the use of other people's jets so much that billionaire Henry Kravis is quoted in a 1994 Vanity Fair article on what seemed to be a common ploy for Kissinger. After one incident when Kissinger commandeered the Kravis private jet for a trip to Japan, the amused millionaire was heard to tell friends that he hoped to go to China soon himself, “if I can get the use of Henry Kissinger’s plane.”
By the spring of 1994, Henry Kissinger founded Kissinger Associates, an international consulting firm worth an estimated $10 million, and had become extremely wealthy. No list of the clients is available, but this was probably the guarantee that jets were not an option but a fact.
In 2003 on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Dr. Henry Kissinger discusses his latest book, "Crisis," and delves into how international crises tend to repeat themselves. The book probably brought in a few million, and Kissinger probably got the check before it was published.
So why would a man with all that money, who couldn't walk through an airport, choose to take a commercial flight, rather than his usual means of transportation - a private jet?
Is this just another bad TSA commercial for going along with getting groped?
As the National Enquirer used to say - - Enquiring minds want to know...

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