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The maid man

By skeptikool
Posted May 16, 2012 in Entertainment
I woke up to this in my mailbox this morning:
A man was prescribed Viagra by his doctor who told him to take it one hour
before sex. The man collected his prescription and went home to wait for
his wife to get back from work.
An hour before she was due home, he took the Viagra pill. But just as he
was expecting her, she phoned to say that she wouldn't be in for another
two and a half hours.
In a panic, he phoned the doctor. "What should I do?" he asked. "I've taken
the pill but the effects will have worn off by the time my wife gets home."
"I see," said the doctor. "It is a pity to waste it. Do you have a maid?"
"Yes." "Well, could you not occupy yourself with her instead?"
The man was silent for a few seconds, then said "But I never need Viagra with the maid!"

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