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Mainstream media disinformation: Ron Paul quits campaign

By Paul Bisnar
Posted May 15, 2012 in Politics
Mainstream media is notorious for disinformation and smear propaganda especially when it comes to Ron Paul.
The recent Ron Paul’s e-mail gave MSM an opportunity to twist and spin his message, making an illusion that he ended his GOP presidential campaign.
Here is the complete Ron Paul’s e-mail to his supporters yesterday:
As I reflect on our 2012 Presidential campaign, I am humbled by the supporters who have worked so hard and sacrificed so much. And I am so proud of what we have accomplished. We will not stop until we have restored what once made America the greatest country in human history.
This campaign fought hard and won electoral success that the talking heads and pundits never thought possible. But, this campaign is also about more than just the 2012 election. It has been part of a quest I began 40 years ago and that so many have joined. It is about the campaign for Liberty, which has taken a tremendous leap forward in this election and will continue to grow stronger in the future until we finally win.
Our campaign will continue to work in the state convention process. We will continue to take leadership positions, win delegates, and carry a strong message to the Republican National Convention that Liberty is the way of the future.
Moving forward, however, we will no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted. Doing so with any hope of success would take many tens of millions of dollars we simply do not have. I encourage all supporters of Liberty to make sure you get to the polls and make your voices heard, particularly in the local, state, and Congressional elections, where so many defenders of Freedom are fighting and need your support.
I hope all supporters of Liberty will remain deeply involved - become delegates, win office, and take leadership positions. I will be right there with you. In the coming days, my campaign leadership will lay out to you our delegate strategy and what you can do to help, so please stay tuned.
For Liberty,
Ron Paul
The e-mail clearly shows that Ron Paul didn’t end his presidential campaign nor concede to Mitt Romney. But instead, he rallies his supporters to press on and win the GOP presidential campaign through ‘delegate strategy’.
Due to limited grassroots-sponsored campaign funds, Ron Paul can’t afford to campaign in primaries because it’s financially and strategically unwise, instead focus on cost-effective caucus state’s ‘delegate strategy’ on GOP state conventions. This delegate strategy will yield more pro-Ron Paul state delegates and eventually cause a GOP brokered convention, denying Mitt Romney a chance to win the GOP presidential nomination.
Ron Paul campaign fund comes from “money bombs”, small donations from grassroots supporters, not coming from elite bailout banks like Goldman Sachs.
Mitt Romney top campaign contributors are:
1. Goldman Sachs
2. JP Morgan Chase & Co
3. Bank of America
4. Morgan Stanley
5. Credit Suisse Group
6. Citigroup Inc.
The money from American taxpayers who lost their jobs and houses were unconstitutionally spent on those bailout banks and eventually trickled to Mitt Romney’s campaign – how convenient!
However, Ron Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton made a blunder statement in a follow-up e-mail sent to Paul’s supporters, contradicting and blurring Ron Paul’s aforementioned rallying message.
“Unfortunately, barring something very unforeseen, our delegate total will not be strong enough to win the nomination…However, our delegates can still make a major impact at the National Convention and beyond,” Jesse Benton wrote.
His blunder draws heavy criticism from Ron Paul supporters and immediately contradicted by Ron Paul senior advisor Doug Wead and Jack Hunter, but gave MSM an opportunity and ammunition to destroy Ron Paul campaign.
In Daily Paul Radio interview with Kurt Wallace, Doug Wead said “We are not out, We are up...The fight has just begun!”
Jack Hunter of Daily Caller made a YouTube broadcast “Paul has not dropped out. Ron Paul is not suspending his campaign. What happened today is an announcement of a new strategy moving forward [delegate strategy]…Do you think Ron Paul really going to walk away from those all hard-working people, the grassroots, who delivered him so many victories through delegates? Do you think Ron Paul is going to walk away from the thousands of people who continue to show up at his speeches in places like California, Texas and other states? Do you think Ron Paul is going to walk away from the movement that he has been building since 2007 and 2008, and continues to build today and building beyond 2012?...This [Ron Paul] Revolution, not only will not be over on 2012 and beyond, it’s certainly not over right now, neither is this campaign as we go all the way to Tampa.”
Of course Ron Paul will not yield to gargantuan powerful establishment. He knows the stakes is high. He knows that Federal Reserve, undeclared endless wars and militarism, bankrupt welfarism, big government, unconstrained public spending, and unconstitutional laws undermines individual freedom and liberty, spoil the fruit of American Founding Fathers revolution, and denies Americans peace and prosperity.
History is full of tyranny, a time when people are afraid of their leaders or government, when exercise of individual freedom and liberty is punishable by imprisonment or death. United States of America is a great historical experiment – a true Republic where freedom and liberty create peace and prosperity. However, ideologies different from American Founding Fathers fought for slowly creep in, degrade and corrupt, obviously now making Americans subservient to big government, manifested in the workings of TSA abusive search, Patriot Act and National Defence Authorization Act, just to name a few.
Ron Paul knows what’s happening and he intend to restore the Republic to its original Founding Fathers intent of limited government, individual freedom and liberty, non-interventionist foreign policy, and sound money.
Despite of MSM tsunami news disinformation attempt to destroy Ron Paul presidential campaign, Ron Paul supporters are well informed, not easily fooled, and determined to continue the Ron Paul Revolution.
The world is watching. Liberty minded people around the world is watching Ron Paul Revolution, an intellectual revolution for individual liberty.
Alternative media: Ron Paul Revolution is alive and well.