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Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Zimbabwe on a commercial aggrement with the EU

By Sandra Liebermann
Posted May 15, 2012 in Politics
Since May 14th, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Zimbabwe, have started a new commercial partnership with the EU. Through this partnership, the EU will not apply any importation fees, and no quota instead. In return, the four sub-saharan african countries will have to give the same privileges to imported european products.
Since 2000, the United States provide a similar program for africain countries: the African Growth and Opportunity Act, a program that was criticized because no african countries took part to its conception, and because the US now suspects India and China to put up fake "made in Kenya" tags on their products to benefit from the partnering countries' tax preferences. Also, since 2010, Madagascar has been ousted from the AGOA program after Andry Rajoelina took power.
In terms of business, this is good news for the african consumers who will now find cheaper european products, and immigrants in Europe looking for cheaper products from home.
Source: Madapolitics

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