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New planets being discovered as Earth's solar system moves through space

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 14, 2012 in Science
Earth's solar system is moving! This movement through time and space is creating changes on earth's surface. New planets, galaxy's, and solar systems are being discovered as earth moves through space.
The "Kepler" telescope is going through space looking for planets, the focus of the "Kepler" Mission is to find inhabitable planets. "Kepler" has recently discovered numerous solar systems, and planets, looking for life.
In Dec. of 2011, Kepler discovered a planet that is so similar to earth, it is being referred to as the twin.
Maya 2012, released a video to help people to better understand why the earth is going through so many changes, the connection to the movement of the solar system with the Mayan calender,and what really is going to happen in the December of 2012. Many will be moving into spiritual and rewarding higher level of consciousness.