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Something to smile about

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 13, 2012 in World
Can't remember the last time there was peace, happiness and joy in the world, but even through all the chaos around us, it is important to find a way to smile about something everyday.
The more joy you can give someone else, only returns tenfold. It is important to seek out things that make you smile as smiling creates pleasure.
Michael Mosley from BBC takes to the streets of Edinburgh, known for the city of grumpy people to show people how to give themselves a hit of pleasure, using only a pencil. Amazing what one can do to make people happy, and spread a little joy.
Matt Harding traveling the world found a way to make people smile by dancing everywhere he went, with his perpetual smile. His positive energy, happy face, made some people want to dance with him.
Even Charlie Chaplin, backed by Michael Jackson's song "Smile" will change your day. Chaplin films always made people smile, no matter what kind of day they were having.

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