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Russian troops to carry out anti-terror drills at high level security buildings In U.S.

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 12, 2012 in Politics
According to RT news the US has confirmed that Russian troops will carry out joint anti-terror drills on American soil in May. Reports of the unprecedented initiative had triggered hysteria in American public debate, with claims of the US fraternizing with “the enemy.
History will be made, since such an event has never occurred, on U.S. soil. Why is this happening? According to the Hagmann & Hagmann Report on April 13, 2012, this as been in the plans for a number of years, calling it the sell off of the U.S., and its citizens.
The NDAA is in place to allow any military organization foreign or domestic to do anything they like to civilians without repercussions. Most laws being passed in the U.S. are not for the benefit of the people, but for more control, suppression, and taking the world into the pages of "1984" and bringing a novel of fiction to reality.
Ron Paul's message in 2010 predicted what is happening now, no one was listening, time is running out, and it is up to the people to make a change. The problems in the U.S. is a direct result of a failed government to seek out the interests of the people. It is not the people, that is important to any government, but the control and suppression of all whom are deemed invaluable.
Dr. Andrew Rochford talks about the 100 days of disasters in 2011, and speaking to experts who have opinions that these events are leading up to bigger ones in 2012 Will disasters continue to escalate? Knowledge is power, and many people around the world are preparing for big change in 2012.
Many people are preparing for any type of disasters, some with emergency bags that are carried at all times. Survival shelters are being built by government, and civilians. If governments see a need for underground survival shelters to the point they abandoned old ones to build new ones, it is a clear indicator that they are preparing for something.
The U.S. the government abandoned the "Titan 1" Missile Site, Denver its old missile base the Titan 1 site, which is located in Denver, CO (20 minutes outside of city). With 210 total acres, this rare piece of history can be yours – only 18 built. Massive 45,000 + sq. ft. of underground floor-space. Many unique possibilities for commercial or private usage. The "Titan 1" missile site is one of a few the government has on the market.
Why would the government put these missile sites up for sale? New more stable and highly sophisticated ones have been built. Taxpayer dollars have made a huge advancement in military weaponry, and shelters. Easy to spend money that isn't out of your pocket.
Many conspiracy theorists believe the U.S. government has moved its main underground operations from outside of Denver, to multiple levels of operation below the Denver International Airport. Denver International Airport is one of the locations that the Russians troops will simulate a take over, along with the CIA, and also will carry out exercise on the top National Security Agency in Utah.
What seems to be wrong with this picture? The Central Intelligence Agency, and National Security Agency, are allowing Russian troops to have complete access to buildings where most American citizens can't enter without government clearance. When did the Russian government become part of the American government? When did they start agreeing on things.
On Feb.10, 2012 according to the Congressional Research Service coordinator Jim Nichol who is a specialist in Russian and Eurasian Affairs. In early Feb. 2012, the U.S. strongly urged Russia and China to support a second, stronger United Nations Security Council resolution condemning "gross violations" of human rights by the al-Assad government as violence intensifies in Syria against civilians. Calling for the "political transition to a democratic, plural political system." Both countries, however, vetoed the on Feb. 4, 2012.
While most of the people in U.S. are preoccupied, decisions are being made in secrecy, that will directly effect every man, woman, and child on the planet.

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