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"Nature-Deficit Disorder" and other concerns are in Richard Louv's view of our world today

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted May 9, 2012 in Lifestyle
Best-selling author Richard Louv has a description for the modern world's disconnection with the natural aspects of life. He calls it "Nature-Deficit Disorder." No, this "label" is not in the diagnostic books yet. But it seems to this reporter that Louv, who wrote "Last Child In The Woods," is presenting a very interesting case.
In "The Nature Principle" Louv presents a series of examples based upon recent studies conducted by psychiatrists, medical doctors and others that highlight the positive effect nature has upon the human being.
While this reporter is doubtful that establishing an actual "diagnosis" for being indoors too much will be a serious medical and psychiatric condition worthy of the official DSM, the effects of not enough outdoor activity is evident. Diabetes, heart-conditions and a rise in obesity are indicators that modern culture is not as connected to the natural world as much as previous generations.
The computer age has contributed to many things both positive and negative and it seems Louv is making an effort to wake the public up to this fact. Louv talks about other nature-related issues in humans where simply the presence of the natural, organic world make all the difference.
Louv's point of view can be set right along side that of others with similar views like environmentalist-pioneer Rachel Carson
Perhaps, Louv's concepts and terms from this book will get into the DSM when some clever attorney uses these terms to build a court case. Now wouldn't that be interesting!