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Canadians continue fight against government proposed gun control

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 8, 2012 in Lifestyle
Gun owners in Canada have no rights.
Over the past few decades, legislation had become increasingly restrictive for firearm owners and from 1995 until 2012, all firearms were required to be registered. As of April 6, 2012, the registration of non-restricted firearms is no longer required in any province or territory, except for Quebec, pending litigation. Systematic auditing and criminalization of firearm owners and sports is implemented and enforced in most of Central Canada,and to a lesser extent, in Western Canada.
Dailysplit on Dec 11, 2008 spoke out for the gun rights of owners who are qualified and trained Canadian citizens to carry guns. The world is changing, and there have been circumstances where a life could have been saved if the licensed gun owner carried his/her weapon on them, instead of leaving it in the dresser drawer. The federal government's proposed new explosives regulations, has shooters, and hunters fuming. Gun owners for the first time in the history of Canada will have to lock away all ammunition. At present, guns must be locked, but not ammunition. The proposed rules will require all gun owners to install a locking box or safe in their homes. This all due to the 1920, regulations that had become outdated, and a loophole to add new regulations in the new "Bill C-68".
Unfortunately for Canadians, mainstream news isn't provideding vital information that people should be aware of. The gun control in Canada has escalated so much, parents who have children that draw guns on paper are subject to arrest. No matter if they are gun owners, or not according to a report by Charles Adler. Let your gun license expire and you could lose your home, and when it did, it was the children that the government traumatized, while trying to make a point using power. Could these actions be labeled under "bully" or intimidation without a cause?
If Canada experienced an natural disaster or emergency would the results for Canadian gun owners be the same as the gun owners in New Orleans, after Katrina? Licensed American gun owners had their weapons destroyed and confiscated by the law, that was supposed to protect them, not abuse them. This left a sour taste in the mouths of many American's for man in blue who wears a badge, but like with anything there will always be the good, bad, and ugly.
On March 15, 2012, Solomon Friedman appeared before the Senate of Canada's Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs to discuss Bill C-19, the long-gun registry and the state of gun control in Canada. Friedman encouraged the Senate to pass C-19 in a show to restore faith in the system to the people. Happy to report that on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 C-19 was passed.
These regulations have not stopped collectors from acquiring more guns, and will be ready to defend themselves if need be like. MrCanadianGunner showing off quite a collection, of the old and the new. It never hurts to be prepared, also recommended is a backyard underground shelter, cheap easy, and just in case you have to many guns, an need alternative location for them that is close. These shelters are also recommended for those without basements that live in tornado prone areas.