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Earth's pole shift

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 7, 2012 in Science
Pole Shift: Fact or Fiction? Truth or Lies?
In Jan. of 2011 MSNBC made mention of the shift in earths poles.
Each network with its own expert to explain what the pole shift was about. According to a documentary by National Geographic the European Space Agency is studying the history of the shifting of Earth's magnetic field, in a race with other scientists to predict the next shift.
In 2010 the ESA launched "SWARM"with its mission to provide up to date maps on the earth's magnetosphere.
Mainstream news, NASA, and scientist, along with independent journalist are reporting that this massive shift will bring destruction, and that it will happen. The earth has been shifting for thousands of years, and man is still alive.
Do not allow your thoughts to turn to fear, for this is what feeds negative energy into the atmosphere.
With negative things, if you look hard enough, something positive can occur. Finding that information provided by an independent journalist, whose message seems to be "don't worry, be happy" it's not the end of the world. Pole Shift? Don't think so.....

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