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Ron Paul wins majority of Nevada and Maine delegates

By Paul Bisnar
Posted May 6, 2012 in Politics
Ron Paul campaigners Jesse Benton and John Tate delegate strategy is working. During the early months of Republican Primary, Ron Paul campaign leaders draw criticism from supporters who doubted their campaign strategy. As GOP National Convention draws near, fruits of masterful delegate strategy unfold.
Ron Paul accumulated majority of delegates in GOP Maine and Nevada conventions this weekend. These delegates will participate in GOP national convention at Tampa this August.
Nevada GOP convention
Nevada gets 28 delegates.
1,600 or so delegates participated in Nevada GOP Convention this Saturday at Nugget Casino in Sparks. Ron Paul supporters overwhelm Mitt Romney supporters, taking Nevada’s National Committeeman and Committeewoman.
Ron Paul won 22 delegates and Romney won 3 delegates. The other three automatic delegates are known to support Romney. So, Romney has a total of 6 delegates.
Last February, Romney won Nevada's caucus with half of the vote. Under party rules adopted last fall, Romney has 20 of Nevada's 28 delegates for the national convention, and Paul has 8 delegates.
According to mainstream media, Ron Paul delegates are bound to accommodate the 20 delegates allocated to Romney at GOP national convention during the first round of vote, but are free to vote for Ron Paul if there is a second round.
However, Ben Swann of Fox 19 News disputes this rule. According to RNC rule No. 38, “No delegate or alternate delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any State or Congressional district to impose the Unit Rule.”
Maine GOP Convention
Maine gets 24 delegates.
In Maine GOP Convention, 2,000 delegates descended to Augusta Civic Center this Saturday. Ron Paul supporters again overwhelm Romney, taking convention chair and secretary post.
Ron Paul won 15 of 15 at-large delegates. Three delegates already arranged for party’s national committeeman, national committeewoman and the current GOP Maine chairman Charlie Webster, all are known Romney supporters. The remaining 6 congressional delegates will be voted today and it is expected that Ron Paul will win these delegates.
Charles Cragin, a Romney supporter who was defeated yesterday for convention chair, predicted Ron Paul delegates may not be recognized at Tampa because they violated rules and procedures during the convention.
He said Ron Paul delegates “have so phenomenally screwed this up that they will go to Tampa and not be seated.”
That’s a bitter statement coming from a Romney supporter.
Ron Paul wins in Nevada and Maine gives him the momentum to win the upcoming California and Texas GOP primaries.
Ron Paul Revolution continues….