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Exposed: Mitt Romney's shenanigans at GOP Maine Convention

By Paul Bisnar
Posted May 6, 2012 in Politics
This February, Rachel Maddow Show reported how the GOP establishment manipulated the Maine Republican presidential poll. Voters from 3 out of 16 Maine counties, Kennebec, Waldo, and Washington, were not included in the final tally. Yet, Charlie Webster, Maine GOP Chairman and a known Romney supporter, decide to go on and announce Mitt Romney as winner of Maine GOP Presidential poll last February 11, 2012, with a razor thin lead of 194 votes.
That was already moot and academic. Now fast forward three months after that fiasco.
Yesterday, GOP convention goers met at Augusta, Maine to select their state delegates.
As predicted by Chairman Charlie Webster, Ron Paul supporters dominated the floor. Brent Tweed and Ron Morrell, both Ron Paul supporters took over as convention president and secretary, respectively.
It seems Ron Paul supporters are in full force and winning but Mitt Romney supporters has dirty tricks up their sleeves to reverse the trend.
Jennifer “Ginger” Taylor, a Ron Paul supporter, explains how Mitt Romney operatives try to divide and confuse Ron Paul supporters who were to cast for delegates to the GOP national convention at Tampa.
During the convention, Ron Paul campaign sent their supporters a yellow folder with a white leaflet showing their endorsed 15 delegates.
“When we return from lunch, this (fake Ron Paul slate) is circulating from the floor. Same printed material as the original Ron Paul slate. It starts out as the same. Everything is all the same, except these names are not the same. Obviously, a pretty transparent attempt to split the Ron Paul vote for delegates,” said Taylor.
Figure 1. True Ron Paul delegate slate on the left. On the right  fake Ron Paul delegate slate.
Figure 1. True Ron Paul delegate slate on the left. On the right, fake Ron Paul delegate slate.
Jennifer Taylor
As you can see on Figure 1, the white leaflet on the left is the endorsed Ron Paul delegate slate, while the white leaflet shown on the right is the fake Ron Paul delegate slate circulated by the Romney camp. The fake delegate slate includes Romney supporters.
Figure 2. Romney operative caught distributing fake Ron Paul delegate slates
Figure 2. Romney operative caught distributing fake Ron Paul delegate slates
Jennifer Taylor
As shown in Figure 2, Ms. Taylor was able to identify the Romney operative who circulated the fake Ron Paul delegate slate.
Ron Paul supporters approached the Romney operative and asked him to explain what he is doing. Romney operative walk away and complain to a nearby policeman that Ms. Taylor is not allowed to film him.
The policeman asked Ron Paul supporters why they are filming him.
“Because he is being deceptive. He has slate of people in our campaign to divide our vote. We just don’t want him to trick other Ron Paul supporters,” Ron Paul supporter explained.
However, Romney operatives had another dirty trick.
“Additionally after lunch, there was a man walking around handing this ‘Grassroots Liberty Slate’…contains list of well known Ron Paul supporters. Look like Ron Paul’s list. However none of these people are in Ron Paul endorsed list,” Ms. Taylor said.
Figure 3. Grassroots Liberty Slate - fake Ron Paul delegate slates
Figure 3. Grassroots Liberty Slate - fake Ron Paul delegate slates
Jennifer Taylor
Figure 3 shows ‘Grassroots Liberty Slate’ circulated by Romney operatives containing well known Ron Paul supporters who were not endorsed by Ron Paul campaign to confuse and divide Ron Paul supporters.
Ms Taylor continued her story, “Most interesting for me is I’m on the list. Even though I’ve never agree to run as delegate to national convention. Later, I hear my name called on the loud speaker. Someone stood up to nominate me for as a delegate for the national convention. So, I ran out and decline the nomination. I approach him and ask him ‘why did you nominated me?’…. He wouldn’t look at me, wouldn’t answer me. He shifted nervously and looked around.”
Romney operatives nominated Ron Paul supporters who were not endorsed by the Ron Paul campaign, a dirty tactic to delay, divide, confuse and prevent Ron Paul supporters to vote their endorsed delegates.

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