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Senior Tory party leader link UK Independence Party to racist BNP

By Paul Bisnar
Posted May 4, 2012 in Politics
LONDON - Tories are losing in local elections across UK and many senior Tories blame UK Independence Party (UKIP). UKIP increased their vote share in England and Wales at the expense of Tory Party, explaining conservative voter’s dissatisfaction to Tory’s liberal policies led by Tory in Name Only (TINO) PM David Cameron. This March, Tory Roger Helmer, a eurosceptic Member of European Parliament, defected to UKIP potentially opening the gate for other Tories to jump ship.
Local election results released so far show UKIP gains 13 percent of the votes, few percentage behind Liberal Democrats who are on 16%. UKIP leader Nigel Farage latest tweets “We took 7 English seats and 2 in Wales... 218,000 votes in the English local elections compared with 98,000 in 2008. 136 [UKIP candidates] in 2nd place and 50 score 25% plus of the vote.”
Expecting mainstream media buzz about UKIP respectable election performance turn into disappointment when co-chair Tory Party Baroness Warsi smeared UKIP during a BBC interview last night implying UKIP success is link to British National Party (BNP) decline, known political party associated with racism.
“What's interesting about UKIP this year is that they are actually fielding something like 14 per cent more candidates this year than they did last time. But interestingly the British National Party are fielding exactly 14 per cent less candidates this time than they did last time. So whether there is some sort of link, an overlap, there,” said Warsi.
Her attempt to link the increase in the number of UKIP candidates with a fall in the number of BNP candidates draws criticism from political pundits and UKIP.
Paul Nuttall, UKIP's deputy leader, called Baroness Warsi comments “disgraceful” and said her comment only show that “Conservatives are very scared of UKIP”.
UKIP spokesman Gawain Tawler was unforgiving. He called the baroness “bitch” but later retracted and apologized after drawing negative reactions from his twitter followers.
Simon Richards from Daily Mail criticize Baroness Warsi comments. He wrote “By linking UKIP to the BNP, Baroness Warsi is insulting voters she should be trying to win over”. He also blames Baroness Warsis’s ineptitude for losing Roger Helger MEP to UKIP. He goes further “If David Cameron is serious about trying to get his party back on track after two disastrous years in coalition with the Lib Dems, the very first thing he must do is to sack Baroness Warsi.”
UKIP should not be link to BNP. Yes, both are eurosceptic and has anti-immigration policy, but UKIP are mostly conservative or libertarians while BNP are right-wing and openly racist.
In fairness, UKIP denies membership to former BNP members because UKIP doesn’t want to be associated in any way to BNP racist policies.
The respectable UKIP election results show dissatisfaction of many conservative voters to Tory Party liberal policies, and they support UKIP because it reflects their conservative values.
If Tory Party is the lost soul of conservatism, Nigel Farage said “UKIP is the conscience of conservatism.”