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Ron Paul speaks to 2,500 supporters at University of California Davis

By Paul Bisnar
Posted May 4, 2012 in Politics
“The Revolution is alive and well at UC Davies!” Ron Paul greeted the crowd, drawing loud cheers.
2,500 supporters, mostly students, show up last night and listen to Ron Paul campaign at University of California Davis. Some supporters climb and perch on trees to have better view of the good doctor.
Ron Paul talk for an hour about individual liberty, ending the Federal Reserve, war overseas, drug laws, repealing Patriot Act, and big government.
“The fruits of our labor are ours and not the government,” Ron Paul said to enthusiastic crowd.
Many came with Ron Paul posters but some are more imaginative. One poster says “The Fed caused the economic crisis”. A young supporter summarizes it all about what Ron Paul stands for: Out of Iraq, secure our border, no to national I.D., embrace the constitution, no to Patriot Act, lower taxes, reduce debt, abolish the Federal Reserve. A man wears a gas mask holding a home-made sign “End the Fascist Police State!”
Speaking to ABC News10, Sonum Saeed, a UCD student wasn’t surprised by the large turnout.
“It’s very well move on his part to represent students, come and speak to students. Yeah, it’s nice,” said Saeed.