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Ron Paul News

By Mindy Allan
Posted May 3, 2012 in Politics
Why aren't people watching mainstream news? Could it be they can't believe what is being reported, or are they are looking for the real story? The Ron Paul campaign seems to have exposed the truth about mainstream media.
Ron Paul is the only candidate running for president, who does not have blemishes on his record - no corruption, no lies, no deception, only truth! The mainstream media has repeatedly left Ron Paul out of the GOP race news from the day it began.
This is nothing new for Dr. Paul, who is in his third race for the presidency of the United States. The mainstream media in the 2008 presidential race, supported Ron Paul and his message for freedom. His message is the same today as it was in 2008, so why the change in mainstream media reports for 2012?
Ron Paul FLIX daily news for May 1, 2012 confirms Youtubes removal of all of Ron Paul's 2008 campaign. Why? The truth hurts, and Ron Paul's 2008 election campaign exposed to much truth in his forecast of America's future in 2012.
From the beginning of the GOP campaign, independent journalists have been the ones keeping the American people up to date with the truth about the GOP campaign, and the real news of where Ron Paul really stands in the race. The Ron Paul campaign has been supported not by corporations, independent wealth, or by political party support, but by the people of the United States. Even with the mainstream media blackouts, Ron Paul has continued his climb in the ranks because of the American People are making sure that the truth be told. Rachel Maddow show this week made an about face to report to viewers some true facts about Ron Paul, and the GOP campaign.
Truth, justice, and integrity continue to be the missing ingredients when it comes to elections. People are tired of the lies, deceit, wars, and corruption that have continued to plague politics to the point that Americans have taken up arms against the corruption to bring the truth to the table. Now half way through the GOP campaign, the mainstream media is forced to tell truth. Santorum, Gingrich, and Perry are out, which makes it hard to leave Ron Paul out of the news with only two candidates left.
Today CBS published and article in which they still couldn't bring themselves to tell the real truth. The articles expose the continual fraud in reporting the results in the states where caucuses have already been held. In the first paragraph of the article, they are more or less declaring Romney the winner of the GOP, as they have throughout the campaign. Not a mention of Ron Paul's spectacular crowds, wins, or the delegates he has managed to get. These false reports continue to fuel the people to report the truth, and continue exposing mainstream media failure at every level.
Many Americans missed Ron Paul's message in 2008 for "real" change, but now have been given another chance to right what has been wronged. Ron Paul gives the American people one last glimmer of truth, hope, and justice for "all"! When was the last time the U.S. had a president, that has truly made a difference to better the lives of the American people? Who was the last president that has been to war, and knows what U.S. troops are really experiencing? Ronald Reagan supported Ron Paul and Ron Paul continues to support Reagan's ideas on money, and the importance of the United States, and the people governing their own destiny.
Ron Paul not only predicted in 2002 - the wars, banking failure, and the collapse of the economy, he was fighting for the people, without their support for him.. If only people would have listened to him then. Well now they are, as the crowds continue to grow along with the truth!
America's Last Hope - Ron Paul 2012!!!

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