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4,000 Ron Paul supporters show up in California campaign trail

By Paul Bisnar
Posted May 3, 2012 in Politics
Mainstream media prematurely crowns Mitt Romney as eventual Republican nominee to face President Barack Obama on US presidential election this November. Even though many states are still up for grabs, including California, political pundits are betting heavily that Romney can clinch the nomination in GOP convention this coming August.
Not so fast.
Despite of mainstream media under-reporting Ron Paul’s significant accumulation of delegate supports from different caucus states, thousands of enthusiastic crowd keeps flocking his campaign events. Yesterday, 4,000 people, mostly young, attended the campaign rally in California State Fullerton. Long queue causes some people to wait for more than an hour just to have a seat in Titan Stadium.
"Sounds like there's a revolutionary spirit in town tonight," the shirt-sleeved 76-year-old said, drawing loud cheers.
Reminiscent of what Neil Cavuto said in Fox Business Network - Ron Paul is “76 years old, treated like a rock star.”
As usual, his message is the same wherever he goes: individual liberty, non-interventionist foreign and sound money, but this time around he emphasizes sound money.
Ron Paul snippets regarding…
Individual Liberty
The government can’t protect us against from ourselves. If it tries it does spent in the expense of liberty.
What we want people to do is to make up their own minds about how they live their lives with one very strict rule. You can’t hurt other people. You can’t take other people’s property. But it is your life. But another basic premise of this is if you mess up, it’s your responsibility and you can’t beg your neighbor or force your neighbor to take care of you.
Freedom is what should bring us together not the way we use our freedom. So, if somebody has freedom to use their money, and they wasted their money, that should be their problem. It shouldn’t be our job to tell him what to do.
…Same way in a social sense. If people practice certain practices that you don’t like and you annoyed by it, just ignore them if they’re not forcing you or hurting you. When people have their freedom and use them in certain ways, it doesn’t mean you endorse what they do, you just endorse the principle of freedom.
Sound Money
We can make these cuts…The other suggestion I have is going back to ‘06 budget and the government wasn’t too small in 2006. It was still rather big so it is not like we’re destroying the whole government. We are just going back to modest time and getting rid of few departments say five of them to begin with.
If we continue to do what we are doing we’re gonna bring the destruction of the currency and even the social security recipients and the elderly getting medical care and children’s health care and education program, they will come crushing down because when the money doesn’t work nothing works
So we can work our way out of it but we can’t do it by spending more money and printing more money, it wont work and I think the American people knows it that it cant work.
I think the last four years things have accelerated because of the need. People are sick of horrible wars, and they’re sick of the spending. They know this debt is horrible and the students coming out of college may have a huge debt and no job and know they receive something deeply flawed in the system and we need to change it.
Once again if we want to live in a prosperous country we have to think about where prosperity comes from and it comes from work, effort and savings. This idea that savings are silly that liberal economist will tell you. That is silly. Savings is worthwhile, working hard and having a product and service to give. This is what makes capitalism and free-market works.
Ron Paul Revolution continues
Thirty or forty years ago, we have these think tanks. People are writing and more professors teaching sound economics. So the ground works has been lay and that is why it’s coming about now and we are seeing this. We just don’t know the timing. The one thing that we know for certain, if we sit on our hands and we do nothing, there will be the bankruptcy. Those people in Washington who are in charge will not give their power easily. So this is the reason that is up to all of us. Every one of us has a job to do one way or the other.
If we don’t do something, we would lose it.