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Retailer Duane Reade Faces Negligence Charge, Case Heads To Court, plaintiff Kyron Hodges

By Michelle Magee
Posted May 2, 2012 in Crime
On May 17th, 2010 Kyron Hodges entered a Manhattan Duane Reade store at 460 8th avenue. The events that unfold after that will shock and disgust you as Mr. Hodges civil and constitutional rights were violated by several store employees and manager.
t is a normal outing for most people to visit their favorite retail store to pick up a few items. However imagine going to your friendly corner retailer to buy a gift card, when you pull out your credit card to pay they ask for your ID, no problem right? You give it to them from that point it spirals out of control. You are told they need management approval for the transaction, management comes out takes your credentials in the back, upon returning that is when everything went downhill. You ask what's going on, only to be accused of fraud and choked to unconsciousness and when you awaken you are in a back storage room and have been beaten so bad you have permanent partial paralysis in your face! Sounds like a scene from an action film or thriller right?
Unfortunately this is what happened to New Yorker Kyron Hodges, his trip to Duane Reade turned into a nightmare that he will certainly relive for the rest of his life. The police arrived, arrested him and took him to booking. All charges against Mr. Hodges were dropped. The question is, why were no charges brought up on the employees that assaulted and kidnapped this man holding him against his will? Duane Reade swept it under the carpet. We as Americans have to stand up for injustice in this country and for our Constitutional Rights, or incidents like this will spread across the country and become the norm. This case is now headed to the New York Supreme Court, as Mr. Hodges is seeking $3m in damages.

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