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What's really in a McDonald's Cheeseburger?

By Mindy Allan
Posted Apr 30, 2012 in Food
In December of 2011, "The Windsor Star" news reported a story with, Nutritionist Melanie Hesketh of Windsor, Canada about a McDonald's cheeseburger.
Hesketh works for Windsor’s Lifetime Wellness Center, working on ways to help children to make healthier choices with food they are eating. Hesketh started a project, and when she was finished, she was the proud owner of a year old McDonald's Cheeseburger.
It never changed from the day she brought it home and placed it on the kitchen counter. The results of her experiment paid off with the kids, which caused her to reach more people, and getting them to think about what they were putting into their bodies.
The ingredients in McDonald's foods like other fast food companies may vary from country, to country depending on what is allowed and isn't.
McDonald's publishes a list of its ingredients in every country. Most of the ingredients in the U.S. McDonald's are similar, or the same in Canada's McDonald's who just published a new list on April 30, 2012.
One ingredient that you will probably see in almost everyone of McDonald's products is soy oil. Information compiled by Jason Bermas gives insight to how everything you eat will be soy-based, and the company behind this move is the GMO king of kings "Monsanto"
The best advice for someone buying food, is the more you can eat without any added ingredients the better. Know what is being added to your food. Fast food meat has been under scrutiny for the last few months over added ingredients. According to Bryan Marcel most people don't really know what is in the burger, or chicken sandwich they're eating?
The meat most people ingest has been treated, or manipulated in some form before it reaches its destination, the body. In 2007 it was uncovered meat was being treated by carbon monoxide to keep the look of it appealing to the customer. What do you think the meat looks like when the illusion is removed?
McDonald's stopped using its "pink slime meat" only when well renowned chef Jamie Oliver brought it to the attention of the world on his show in his campaign against processed foods. Meat, along with many other foods that are imported the United States enter without a clue of the conditions of how it came to be. Why do the big U.S. fast food corporations buy meat from beyond its borders?
Greed, and not having to deal with laws that would put many out of business if they were in the U.S., from the conditions of where imported products are developed, and produced.
Fast Food Facts is a website that gives parents, as well as the general public information about the fast food industry, and the results of research data about fast food. As more and more parents are becoming aware that the additives in food that can be contributing to the change in personality of their children.
Instead of seeking the help from a doctor, maybe changing the diet is all that is needed. It might be wise to check the ingredients of what the child is consuming.
Knowing what is going into the body can make a difference, for parents, and children alike, and save the unnecessary trauma of having a child addicted to pills.

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