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Tammy Wynette fans have something to sing-along about with DVD collection

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Apr 30, 2012 in Entertainment
When I saw the DVD of Tammy Wynette songs at the local library, thought "Oh it will be like watching music videos!" Yes, but they are actually segments and footage from TV shows of the time. So, it is like a mini-time capsule.
What a treasure for country music fans because in a way it chronicle's Wynette's career and her personal life, yet all set to music. To watch these bits and pieces from TV shows is like catching a glimpse of her life and music as it happened more than 40 years ago.
I also liked watching the news interviews with Huell Howser - who at that time was a broadcast news reporter with a local TV station. He now is host of "California's Gold" and other shows featured on PBS.
The interviews provide an insight into the life of Wynette who's real life experiences inspired her songs. This reporter was struck by how much the times have changed since those days. Wynette and others like her, such as Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, were pioneers in the "crossover" aspect of country music which filled the airwaves of popular music during the 1950's to the 1970's.
Yes, "crossover" song hits still occur today. But it seems to me, that at that time it was something special because up until that time the distinct sound and character of Country music was strictly regional.
Thanks much in part to advances in radio and then eventually television, various types of music was reaching more people. Yet it was the heart-felt songs through artists like Wynette that won over audiences nationwide and even universally.
Also, it is important to realize, (this reporter thinks) that much of early rock and roll music had a country music type of sound to it, along with its Jazz origins. "Rock-a-Billy" type music was very much linked to country music and so it is no surprise that at some point Country music would reach greater audiences.
Also, at the time on television both locally and nationally there were dozens of variety shows that helped to bring the music to the people - long before MTV and VH1
Around the time when "Coal Miner's Daughter" hit theaters, TV producers presented a TV movie of Wynette starring Annette O'Tool
While movies about legends are always appreciated by fans, they often don't compare to the real-life accounts captured right at the time. The TV appearances and interviews on this DVD to that more poignantly than any made-for-TV movie.
Anyone who likes TV and music history will also enjoy this DVD. It brings back much of the spirit of that time and reiterates the treasure Americans have in their music, especially Country-Western music.

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