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April Film Series: Foreign flicks, silents and old gems

By Andrew Moran
Posted Apr 30, 2012 in Entertainment
Another month has gone by where my fiancee and I relax Saturday nights watching old pictures. We usually rent pictures at Bay Street Video, but we also skim through YouTube looking for public domain pictures.
Last month, I published a blog reminiscing about my March pictures that we enjoyed. I presume the purpose of these blog posts is to encourage those who read this to watch the movies.
As of late, we are constantly bombarded with 3D movies that have no story, no character development and no directional talent. People often look at my fiancee and I as queer because we like to watch black and white films, pictures from decades ago and silents.
Anyway, here is the list (in no particular order).
"Gold Diggers of 1933" starring Joan Blondell and Ginger Rogers: Fantastic, hilarious and fun.
"The Circus" starring Charlie Chaplin: Still love this film upon third viewing since high school.
"The General" starring Buster Keaton: He was definitely a talent, but too bad he was in the same era as good ole' Charlie. This picture was amazing, except all the versions of this picture have terrible soundtracks. It just so happens that we turned on Boston Pete and each song fit each scene perfectly.
"Battleship Potemkin" directed by Sergei Eisenstein: An all around perfect picture. The direction and orchestral pieces were sublime.
"The Fire Within" starring Maurice Ronet and Jeanne Moreau: A great film if you're in the philosophical mood, and if you're a big fan of Erik Satie, which I am. This picture encouraged me to start writing a play (I haven't written a play in years, especially a drama!)
"The Lovers" starring Jeanne Moreau: It was meh because nothing really happened. Again, it had a good score (Johannes Brahms), but it just didn't go anywhere. It certainly wasn't my favourite Louis Malle film.
"Something to Sing About" starring James Cagney: This film proved that Cagney could do absolutely anything in cinema; act, dance, sing, be a tough guy, be a romantic, be funny and so on. Although this definitely isn't the best Cagney film of all time, it was enjoyable for what it was (except for the leading actress).
"The Whole Town's Talking" starring Edward G. Robinson and Jean Arthur: Just like Cagney, Robinson could do it all. In the same film, he was able to play a stumbling and shy pushover but then play a ruthless gangster. I think it was a very good film to watch on a late Saturday night.
This month, I'm hoping to watch "The Last Gangster," "Blonde Crazy" and "Lady Killer."
See you next month.

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