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'Five-Year Engagement' fails to ring up the box office

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Apr 29, 2012 in Entertainment
There has now been a pleasant surprise two weeks in a row at the box office. It comes from the same film, too.
That film is "Think Like a Man" and it has notched the top spot again, so says Box Office Mojo. That beat out the film which many thought would take over, "The Five-Year Engagement." Pundits and predictors may be forgetting something when it comes to films like that. They do not appeal to everyone and thus, come in with lower totals. There are a few words that do not sound very appealing to many who go to movies. They are weddings, engagements and babies. Single men will stay away in droves and men in relationships will only go when dragged in.
So, "The Five-Year Engagement" did not live up to expectations and came in fifth behind "Hunger Games." Yes, a fifth place finish does not bode well for the film's future box office success. Especially since "Avengers" gobbles up screens starting May 4.
"Man" led the way again with an estimated $18 million and "Pirates! Band of Misfits" was second with $11.4 million. "The Lucky One" was third with $11.3 million. "The Hunger games took in another $11.2 million and it total domestic take so far is $372.5 million. That makes it now the No. 17 all-time. Last week it passed "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" and this week it jumped over "Jurassic Park and "The Passion of the Christ." Next on the list to pass is "Spider-Man 2."
By the way, "The Five-Year Engagement" took in $11.1 million.
Another disappointing opening had to be for "The Raven." Of course, theater counts matter and all these films are in over 2,000, so a seventh place finish for "The Raven" had to hurt. Its take was $7.2 million.
Here is a list of all-time film grosses in categories, thanks to Box Office Mojo.
Domestic: "Avatar" - $760,507,625
Adjusted for inflation: "Gone With the Wind" - $1.582,009,422
Worldwide: "Avatar" - $2,782,275,172
Rated R: "Passion of the Christ" - $370,782,930
Rated PG-13: "Avatar" - $760,507,625
Rated PG: "The Phantom Menace" - $474,499,599
Rated G: "The Lion King" - $422,783,777
Rated NC-17: "Showgirls" - $20,350,754

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