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GOP Race: Ron Paul wins Louisiana caucus

By Paul Bisnar
Posted Apr 29, 2012 in Politics
Only US Congressman Ron Paul remain standing as viable candidate challenging mainstream media presumptive nominee Governor Mitt Romney for Republican Presidential election. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich announced few days ago that he will quit the race soon probably by next week.
Under-reported by the mainstream media, Ron Paul continue to accumulate congressional district delegate supports from different states like Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Nevada, Massachusetts, etc. and recently Louisiana.
Caucus voting in Pelican State of Louisiana started yesterday from 8:30 a.m. till noon at 30 statewide voting sites. The caucus election is composed of six congressional districts (CD) and voters chose 25 delegates and 12 alternate delegates for each congressional district.
The presidential preferences of the delegates were not identified on the caucus ballots. Due to strong Ron Paul grassroots organization led by Charlie Davis, Ron Paul dominated the contest, won plurality of four congressional districts.
Here is the breakdown of Ron Paul delegates and alternate delegates in six congressional districts:
CD 1 - won all 25 delegates and 12 alternate delegates
CD 2 - won all 25 delegates and 12 alternate delegates
CD 3 - won 1 alternate delegate
CD 4 - won 11 delegates and 12 alternate delegates
CD 5 - won all 25 delegates and 12 alternate delegates
CD 6 - won all 25 delegates and 12 alternate delegates
Ron Paul garners a total of 111 out of 150 delegates and 61 out of 72 alternate delegates.
The CD delegates will proceed to Shreveport, Louisiana on June 2, 2012 for Republican State Convention and select their state delegates. The elected state delegates will represent Louisiana for 2012 Republican National Convention to be held at Tampa Bay, Florida on August 27 - 30, 2012.
Ron Paul won the majority of CD delegates and his delegates will dominate the floor on the upcoming state convention.

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