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UFO's above Mt. Adams?

By Mindy Allan
Posted Apr 28, 2012 in Environment
Just a few miles from Mt Adams, referred by many as UFO mountain, James Gilliland watches outside on his ranch as black ops helicopters circling over the ranch. James records as the helicopter which seems to be taunting him comes closer to the ground. No reason was given for such action by the government, but it may have to do with the phenomena that is happening on, and around Gilliland's ranch.
James Gilliland, who is also an author, teacher, ufologist, spiritual counselor, energetic healer, and owner/ founder of Eceti Ranch which stands for Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, and is located in Trout Lake, Washington, near Mt Adams.
Visitors of all ages have never been disappointed, in a place that many believe is a vortex, where you can experience all the dimensions. Sightings of fairies, orbs, and ufo's, seem to be in abundance on Eceti Ranch.
On April 20, 2012 Helane Lipson, radio host of "Embracing What Is Real" invites James Gilliland to discusses the interdenominational mind. James describes his encounters with other beings, and how many people still live in the Matrix, will not see these things which many others who aren't will. The television has been the prison that has held the minds of many people who have been captivated in a world of suppression, and mind control.
Is there a vortex that exists near Mt Adams, is the multidimensional world arriving? Is the interest of the government of this area a gateway that they can't close? We are coming into a dimensional shift, that those with hearts that filled will love shall transcend into a world of peace, and harmony.