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UK Independence Party (UKIP) aims to win Mayor of London and London Assembly Elections

By Paul Bisnar
Posted Apr 28, 2012 in Politics
On 3rd of May 2012, Londoners will vote for Mayor of London and London Assembly. Every four years, voters who are 18 years-old or over, live in any of the 32 boroughs of London and registered to vote, can participate in this election.
There are six major political parties vying for seats, one of them is UK Independence Party. Founded in 1993, UKIP is the fastest growing political party in UK. Under the party leadership of Nigel Farage MEP, UKIP reached 17,000 memberships last November 2011 and continuously growing.
UKIP General Secretary Jonathan Arnott claim, “The momentum is still with us at a time when other parties’ memberships are falling.”
UKIP influence is getting stronger. YouGov/Sun polls last 16th of April this year, shows UKIP (9%) overtake Liberal Democrats (8%) for third place.
Even Daily Telegraph writer James Delingpole agreed during his interview last year with Peter Robinson from Hoover Institute. Delingpole said that the great frustrations in Britain at the moment is all the main three political parties, referring to the trio LibLabCon, whilst UKIP is a party of small government and liberty. He likened UKIP as the US Tea Party, currently a movement that resist corrupt politics in the US.
Lawrence Webb, a candidate for Mayor of London and at the same time for London Assembly, and together with other ten candidates vying for London Assembly, represents UKIP’s ‘Fresh Choice for London’.
UKIP’s fresh ideas for London are:
- Create more jobs for Londoners by saying ‘No’ to open-door immigration.
- Cut rates for local businesses employing local people.
- Fight European Union red tape strangling London businesses.
- Priority for Londoners whatever their ethnic origin for jobs and housing, over migrants and asylum seekers.
- Zero tolerance on gangs, knife crime and anti-social behavior. Offend on Saturday, face court on Monday.
- 20 minutes free parking across London.
- Allow taxis to use Olympic VIP lanes.
- Cut Council house waiting lists in half by filling empty properties from a central register and prioritizing the needs of long-term Londoners.
- Stop spending public money on public sculpture when pensioners can’t pay their bills.
- Give landlords the power to decide if they want smoking rooms in pubs and clubs.
- 5% VAT on beer and cider.
“Despite of all the hype, Mayor of London has limited powers. Its main area of responsibility would be transport. Yet London transport problems are not going to be solved by few shining new red buses and cutting fares. The single largest commuter group is the motorist. Over 35% of commuter journeys in London involved a car. It’s even higher on outer boroughs, yet the motorist is continuously being penalized,” argued Webb.
Webb criticized the impact of open door immigration. He said it affect housing, transport and jobs. He also would like to introduce 20 minutes free parking across London to help boost local shops in communities.
“Londoners are concerned about the threats to their jobs, rising unemployment, housing and poor performance schools. These issues really matters to ordinary Londoners… People are fed up of the same tired old faces (referring to Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone). They don’t have new to offer. The people I speak to say they are looking for a new fresh choice for London. That’s what UKIP is offering” said Webb.
Leading UKIP’s candidate for London Assembly, Steven Woolfe warns that if all the EU regulation and the financial taxes introduced, it’s estimated that British could lose 500,000 jobs.
“It’s the jobs of the ordinary Londoners, the secretaries, IT workers, cabbies, salaried workers and retail staff whose jobs are on the threat, because the bankers would look after themselves, because they can move abroad,” warned Woolfe.
Here is the list of UKIP’s “Fresh Choice For London” candidates for Constituency London Assembly elections:
Barnet and Camden - Corby, Michael Ernest
Bexley and Bromley - Coburn, David Adam
Brent and Harrow - McGough, Michael Jack
City and East – Woolfe, Steven Marcus
Croydon and Sutton – McKenzie, Winston Truman
Ealing and Hillingdon – Knight, Helen Louise
Enfield and Haringey – Staveley, Peter
Greenwich and Lewisham – Oakley, Paul James
Havering and Redbridge – Webb, Lawrence James
Lambeth and Southwark - Fluss, James Gordon
Merton and Wandsworth – Manzoor, Mazhar
North East – Wiffen, Paul Kevin
South West – Bolter, Jeffrey Warner
West Central – Jones, Elizabeth Eirwen
UKIP also placed 11 candidates for London-Wide Assembly election.
Nigel Farage, who is in Bromley this morning, is busy campaigning before the elections.
“The truth is there isn’t very much that the Mayor or London Assembly can do about these serious problems London faces. But that’s not a reason to stay at home. If you agree with us that massive immigration is leading overcrowding in London, is leading to higher unemployment particularly amongst our young people. If you agree with us that a blizzard of EU regulations that are coming from Brussels is damaging, not just the City of London, but every single business in London, then please use May the 3rd to go out and vote UKIP. Make it your opportunity to put some people in the London Assembly who will stand up and be a voice for you and take on a political class who don’t seem to care about ordinary folks,” Farage pleaded.