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Ron Paul campaign at Austin, Texas Draws 6,000 supporters

By Paul Bisnar
Posted Apr 27, 2012 in Politics
Ron Paul  member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas.
Ron Paul, member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas.
United States Congress
“President Paul! President Paul! President Paul!” a crowd of 6,000 people loudly chanted their favorite US Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul on a sunny afternoon yesterday at University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Last Wednesday, Ron Paul had a jam-packed town hall meeting of 1,200 supporters at El Paso, Texas.
“It’s a great day today. It’s a great time to continue our revolution!” he greeted his enthusiastic supporters.
Ron Paul's message remains consistent whenever he address his supporters in his campaign trails, same message of personal liberty, non-interventionist foreign policy, and sound money.
“The people have awakened and said, look this system is isn’t working very well. This monetary system doesn’t work. The entitlement system enriches the rich and not the poor. And also, we have a foreign policy that is deeply flawed and most people in this country now by large majority say ‘It’s time to come home!’,” exclaimed Ron Paul to a pumped up crowd.
Repeal Unconstitutional Laws
He emphasizes the importance of liberty and the need to take it back. If he will be elected, he will repeal numerous unconstitutional laws that constrict individual liberty like the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA), Patriot Act, Defence Production Act, and the controversial bill currently legislated in US Congress, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).
According to Ron Paul, US government passed 40,000 new laws and promise that he’ll be the first President to get rid of these useless laws.
“As a constitutional President, it is proper to use Executive Orders to repeal all illegal executive orders,” he argued.
This year, NDAA was passed into law and it gave US military to legally arrest American suspected terrorist and put him in prison, without the representation of an attorney and all done in secrecy. Ron Paul assured the crowd that NDAA is in his very high on the list for repeal.
Regarding Defence Production Act, Ron Paul said “Couple weeks ago, President (Barack Obama) renewed the bill by executive order. In a time of national emergency where war is going on, the president has authority to declare total ownership of all businesses and all financial institution. The president did by executive order, he add a phrase ‘during peace time as well’,” receiving boos from the disapproving crowd.
He joked about the Patriot Act. If the US Congress called the Patriot Act as the ‘Repeal the 4th Amendment Act’ during the passing of the bill, Ron Paul believes it will not be passed easily. He said he will make a bill to repeal the Patriot Act, calling it ‘Restore the 4th Amendment Act’.
Ron Paul vehemently opposed CISPA, a bill that regulate the internet. Recently, the bill was successfully passed in the House of Representative. CISPA would give US government the authority to search information for the purposes of investigating American citizens with complete immunity from all privacy protections currently guaranteed by law as long as they can claim someone committed a ‘cybersecurity crime’. In another words, the 4th Amendment is off-limit in cyberspace or online.
Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy
Ron Paul campaign speech will not be complete without criticizing the ongoing undeclared wars in the Middle-East and the importance of non-interventionist foreign policy. He warns that politicians are currently overly anxious to go to another undeclared war in Syria and Iran. Just for four years these undeclared wars caused an additional $4 trillion in national debt.
“No more wars, get out of the wars, and come home!’ Ron Paul exclaimed.
He believed that these politicians should follow the advise of their Founding Fathers – we should be friend and trade with other nations, instead of occupying them, causing death and destruction.
US Federal Reserve Act
The crowd shouted “End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed!”
“I agree. That’s a very good idea. Let’s do that,” reassuring his supporters.
Since its implementation in 1913, the Federal Reserve destroyed the value of US dollar currency, transferring wealth from the middle-class to the wealthy and only served the interest of the wealthy. Ron Paul promised that next year, when Federal Reserve celebrates its 100 years anniversary, he will celebrate the anniversary by repealing the Federal Reserve Act.
Drug War
Ron Paul believed that drug war is much dangerous than the drug themselves. For the past 30 years, it added US$ 3 trillion in national debt, and punished those non-violent crimes unfairly, putting them in prison for life, worst punishment compared to the crime of murder and rape.
Drug War is one of the reasons why US prisons are full.
“US is 5% of world population. We had 25% of world prisoners. The reasons why is not that those in prison are worst people, but there are many laws on the books,” he reasoned.
Parting Words
The mainstream media under-reported the success of Ron Paul’s campaign. They ignored his significant delegate accumulation in Iowa, Minnesota, Washington, Nevada, and other states. They portray Ron Paul as a long shot candidate, posting erroneous low delegate counts in their polls.
Ron Paul supporters know how the MSM unfairly treated his campaign. However, MSM didn’t realize that this is not all about the campaign. It’s about the movement, Ron Paul’s message of individual liberty – an intellectual revolution.
Ron Paul said “One thing I am absolutely convinced that regardless of what happened next week, next month, or November, this spirit, the spirit of the revolution will not going away.”
That statement is enough to galvanize Ron Paul’s Revolution.